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Children are crazy behind slime, so learn how to make chemical free slime with these things kept at home

How To Make Slime At Home: Here are 4 ways to make slime at home.

How To Make Slime At Home: Kids love playing with slime very much. This stretchy toy is a great option to keep kids busy, but borax, one of the main ingredients in slime, is a concern. Borax is a chemical that can be dangerous and dangerous for young children. One option to overcome this worry is to make it at home. It can be easily made at home even without borax. Here we are telling you an easy recipe to make slime.


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Make slime at home in this way. Make Slime At Home This Way

1) Glue and cornstarch slime

It is very easy to make slime at home using glue and cornstarch. To make the slime, first put water in a large mixing bowl. Now add glue to it and mix it well. Add some drop food color to it. Now slowly add cornstarch to the mixture. Your chemical free slime is ready.

2) Shampoo and Cornstarch Slime

To make this, first put cornstarch and shampoo in a deep bowl. Mix both the ingredients well. Add two tablespoons of water to mix the ingredients well. Slowly add water to the mixture. Do this till you get the consistency of slime you want.

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3) Slime made from baby powder

To make slime from baby powder, take a deep mixing bowl. Add glue and color to the bowl. Mix it well. Now add baby powder to the glue and mix it till you get a slim consistency. If you feel the need to add more powder, you can do so.

4) Shaving Cream, Baking Soda and Glue Slime

To make it, put baking soda and glue in a bowl and mix it well. Add shaving foam to this mixture and mix it well. Now add food color to it and give the slime the color of your choice. Add saline solution to desired slime consistency. Keep mixing it till you get the consistency you want.

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