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Chef Édgar Núñez exposes Colombian influencer for asking for ‘free food’

Recently, a publication by the chef went viral on social networks Edgar Nunezwho pointed to a influencer Colombian woman to request an ‘ad exchange’: free food for posts on her Instagram profile.

“And in my favorite section; ‘international freeloaders’ I leave Manuela #GoodAfternoonToAll (with a quarter of my followers)”, expressed Núñez, who attached a screenshot showing the brief ‘conversation’ he had with the young woman identified as Manuela Gutierrez.

Édgar Núñez exposes influencer for asking for a free account

In her message, the influencer she begins by doing Núñez’s job, and points out that she will visit Mexico at the end of the month with her boyfriend.

“I would love to know if it is possible to carry out a advertising exchange, where I recommend them and show their services on my Instagram through my stories, which will remain anchored in a highlight, in exchange for a meal for both”, Manuela wrote in a private message to Édgar’s profile.

In the same capture it is seen that the chef could only laugh before the proposal that, according to him, It’s very common let them do it to get free food in exchange for ‘advertising’which in this case he pointed out would be unnecessary, since the iinstagramer He has fewer followers than him.

And the numbers don’t lie: on the aforementioned social network, Manuela Gutiérrez has 63.2 thousand followers, while Édgar Núñez has 103 thousand; and on Twitter, the chef has 199 thousand followers.

Chef Édgar Núñez exposes Colombian influencer for asking for 'free food'

What people think about the situation

As expected, the conversation opened on social networks, because while some consider that it was good that he displayed the screenshot and they thought that the young woman only wanted ‘free food’, Others said that it was not necessary to answer her that way, much less show her; some even pointed out that ‘the chef’s fame rose’.

In his own tweet, and in the face of all the comments that told him that his way of answering was not the best, Núñez replied: “Hahahaha I didn’t know that drinking for free was working.”

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