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Chavismo: Diosdado Cabello keeps the headquarters of the newspaper El Nacional after a trial for defamation

As a judicial robbery and blow against private property, described Miguel Henrique Otero, director of The Nationalupon being unfairly stripped of the headquarters of his newspaper because a Chavista judge awarded it to God given hairvice president of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) after suing him for defamation.

In his conversation with ClarionOtero feels the loss in the trial and announces that he is going to appeal the ruling against the newspaper, whose building was handed over to Cabello in an “irregular and clandestine judicial auction”, without prior public notice, which is surprising now when the regime of Nicolás Maduro tries to wash its face before the International Criminal Court (ICC) with the arrest of drug traffickers and corrupt Chavistas.

The court ruling was secretly agreed on January 27, 2022 without publication by the Chavista judge Lisbeth del Carmen Amoroso Hidrobo, sister of the Comptroller General of the Elvis Amoroso Hidrobo regime, so that the interested parties could not regularly make their offers. This is how the auction and the adjudication of the building and the land of El Nacional to Cabello were consumed.

This also closes the cycle of dispossession of El Nacional which began with Cabello’s 2015 defamation lawsuit, for a complaint made by his former head of security for his alleged involvement with drug trafficking published by the newspaper ABC in addition to The Wall Street Journaland it was replicated by El Nacional together with two other local digital media such as Tal Cual and La Patilla.

GUSTAVO GARELLO Miguel Henrique Otero in the editorial office of Clarín. Photo GUSTAVO GARELLO


Miguel Henrique is the son of the writer Miguel Otero Silva and grandson of the founders of the newspaper who published the first edition on August 3, 1943 78 years ago. The newspaper suspended the print edition in 2018 by Hair’s lawsuit.

The worst nightmare was lived by El Nacional during Chavismo. Cabello gave so much until he broke the glass. It has been seven years of harassment and judicial siege. “Here there is no justice or separation of powers. The judges are irrelevant because they do what they are ordered from above (Cabello and Maduro),” says Otero.

The case begins with the complaint of Leamsy Salazar, the former head of security first for Hugo Chávez and then for Diosdado Cabello.

Salazar is the highest-ranking active military officer (Lieutenant Commander, comparable to Commander) who broke with Chavismo in 2015 to formally accuse in the United States ofand criminal practices to the high hierarchies of the countryespecially those related to drug trafficking.

According to sources close to the investigation opened by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the Southern District of New York, Salazar denounces that the president of the National Assembly (Cabello) He is the leader of the cartel of the Suns and therefore operator of the narco-state that Chavez turned Venezuela into.

Salazar also links Cuba in the protection and assistance of some drug trafficking routes that start from Venezuela and go to the United States.

Old newsroom of El Nacional, in 2018. Photo AFP

Old newsroom of El Nacional, in 2018. Photo AFP

drug trafficking

The Cartel de los Soles, basically made up of soldiers (its name comes from the emblem that the Venezuelan uniform puts on the generals’ epaulettes), has a monopoly on drug trafficking in Venezuela. 90% of the drug produced in Colombia passes through Venezuela.

According to him ABCAs an assistant to Cabello, Salazar witnessed situations and conversations that incriminate the former president of the National Assembly.

Specifically, he saw him give direct orders to Cabello for the departure of boats loaded with tons of cocaine and has provided evidence on places where mountains of dollars in cash from this illicit business are stored, according to sources familiar with the investigation, carried out by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). USA

The strange thing is that the trial for the published note never advanced because “they did not even attach the clipping of the news that appeared on ABC” and they did not take into account that based on that investigation the DEA set a $10 million reward for Cabello’s capture.

“In Venezuela there is no separation of powers. The Chavista leadership controls the judiciary and everything,” laments Otero.

“There is no way to justify that the price of the El Nacional building, valued at 20 million dollars, has been auctioned off at 10 million and To top it off, they awarded it to Cabello for that amount equal to the amount of your claim. In other words, the building was free. They charge and give the change“, laments Miguel Henrique.

78 years after the headquarters of El Nacional was founded is taken by the military located east of Caracas, in the Cortijos de Lourdes, the Los Ruices industrial estate. It was sued by Cabello in 2018, seized in May 2021, and now taken in 2022.

Currently the newspaper in its digital format has no headquarters or office. It is a decentralized website, it works remotely, says its director from Madrid. 50 journalists work as nomads from home without an office or newsroom where they can send and broadcast their news.

The solution is to get out of the Maduro regime because it does not respect the laws, there is no justice and the judges only apply what their superiors order them to do,” Otero emphasizes.



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