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ChatGPT comes to Android: how to register to install the official app

The iPhone version of the artificial intelligence had been enabled in May.

After some feints, Open AI announced that the official app of ChatGPT comes to Android. In May it had landed on iOS and in this way, the company led by Sam Altman manages to make its flagship product work natively in the two main mobile platforms.

In line with the announcement, OpenAI also announced that registration is open for those who intend to be the first to download and try the application.

And although the technical sheet has already been enabled on Google Play, by accessing there, you can make a prior registration, which will not only notify you when it is available, but also will install automatically on the phone indicated.

This release comes shortly after the arrival of Bard, although Google might be working on another alternative to GPT. The official confirmation was made through the Twitter account.

Users will be able to use the chatbot to ask questions, ask for help to improve document writing, ask questions or ask for recommendations, all from the palm of their hand, without having to open a browser and access the web version.

The other issue to consider is security. It is worth remembering that, due to the great popularity of the tool, many fake apps had proliferated that stole the data of the interested parties.

In addition, the chatbot’s operation will be almost identical to the popular web platform. The idea is to keep adding new tools to expand the ecosystem.

As for its design, it is expected to have the same structure as the currently available iOS app. Although it will be free, you will have a premium option with a more powerful, faster and advanced version of its GPT-4 linguistic model.

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The GPT version on Google Play, waiting for download.

One of the most interesting features is that it will be able to synchronize the history between devices.

This function will facilitate access from the mobile to the queries that have been made from a computer and vice versa, so that this information is accessible from anywhere.

For this to happen, history must be activated, which implies consent for the conversations to be used to improve the chatbot and train future models.

And although it has its positive side, the recommendation is not to enter confidential data in the questions that are asked. In fact, some companies have already prohibited their employees from using it so that sensitive information does not leak.

Another benefit of the free version is access to Whisper, the company’s speech recognition software. This allows the recording of audios with artificial intelligence. It is not clear, at the moment, if the voice dictation function present in iOS will be available.

ChatGPT is not the only mobile application with access to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 (the latter in the case of ChatGPT Plus). Microsoft, the great partner of OpenAI globally, launched Bing on iOS and Android a long time ago. The application allows you to chat with Bing Chat, also for free.


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