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Charytín on “Your face sounds familiar to me”: “I don’t know how to imitate anyone, not even myself!”

Mexico City – Back to the second season of “Your face is familiar to me” as a judge of the entertainment imitation competition, the host and singer Charytin She assures that although she greatly enjoys seeing the presentations of her colleagues, she could not try to be part of the competition as a contestant.

“I don’t know how to imitate, not even myself! In the first season they made me imitate Madonna and she cost me so much, God did not give me that gift. I am just being a judge and so far they have not asked us to imitate again, ”says the 72-year-old Dominican from Mexico City, relieved.

María del Rosario Goico Rodríguez, better known as Charytín, is once again part of the cast of the program that has become popular in various countries such as Spain and the United States, in whose version of Univision Mexico is added through Televisa thanks to the merger that the two greats of communication have lived.

Having the opportunity to participate in the project and that her work can be seen in Mexico and other countries also excites the actress, because despite the fact that most of her projects have been carried out from the United States, she feels “very dear” by the Mexican public that has also followed her from a distance.

For this second season, “Chary” will work once again with the Mexican comedian and actress Angélica Vale, whom she adores greatly, as well as the Mexican singer Edén Muñoz and the salsero Victor Manuelle.

“Edén and Víctor are wonderful, Angeliquita and I are crazy with both of them, they are adorable people and I am really very happy,” said the singer. The project that will begin broadcasts simultaneously in the United States on Univision and in Mexico on the Las Vegas channel Stars will begin on March 27 with the performance and physical transformation of the artists Helen Ochoa, Kika Edgar, Ninel Conde, Sherlyn González, Christian Daniel, Manny Cruz, Michael Stuart and Yahir.

“The eight of now have arrived stronger (than the previous ones) because they already knew what they were coming for, they knew that they had to perfectly personify the idols and that they have to look the same as them, they come prepared,” says Charytín, who The recordings of the program have already begun.

From her point of view, if the contestants must have something to win, it is the opposite of her, that is, wanting to imitate and transform.

“First of all they have to have the desire to do it, and second, at least know how to sing, some acting and dare to transform to become another person,” he says.

With these parameters, Charytín has begun her role as a judge and assures that the most difficult thing is having to give a bad rating to anyone who participates there, because outside the program she appreciates and knows all the artists.

“I don’t want to be an abusive judge or bad people, I want my colleagues to feel good but without stopping saying what I think of the artists. I know them all so well that it’s difficult, but I have to tell them whether or not they are very similar to those they represent, I want to be very fair”, says Charytín.

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