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meaning of meeting

The newly arrived ‘Bade Saheb’ of Haryana is taking full advantage. By the way, the video of Netaji’s feeling is from those days when Saheb got the post. Now he has sat on the biggest chair in the state. So feeling is also justified. This video of Saheb is going viral on social media these days. Well, this is an old thing. The new thing is that while returning from New Delhi to Chandigarh, Saheb went straight to his bearded Baba’s house in Ambala Cantt. There was a long conversation between the two leaders. They also welcomed each other by covering them with shawls. There is disappointment among Baba’s supporters who have been ‘angry’ since the change of leadership in the state. Although he himself says – I am not angry with anyone. Now no one is able to understand this – when there is no resentment, then what happened that Baba, who was among the senior most leaders of the party, had to sit out of the cabinet this time.

strange politics

It is rightly said that friendship and enmity are never permanent in politics. Can’t say who will shake hands with whom and when. Now take the ‘Sutradhar’ of thirty-five-one in Haryana. Netaji’s words during the Jat reservation movement of 2016 are not hidden from anyone. First a front was opened against a particular class and then questions were raised on the worship itself. That means another community has come under the target of Netaji. Now the Congress brothers in Delhi do not know what qualities they saw in Netaji that they joined hands with him. However, Netaji of Haryana does not agree with this decision at all. The situation has been clarified, but it will not be so easy to stop the heat of the market of discussions. Of course, it is true that the big leaders of Delhi are trying to strengthen the ‘Haath’, but such decisions do not look right in the political scenario of Haryana.

restlessness here and there

The Nayab government did not divide the portfolios of the ministers for several days after the cabinet expansion. In such a situation, there was restlessness among the new ministers, but the most restlessness was seen among the personal staff of Haryana Civil Secretariat. The old ministers have kept the same staff, but the ‘Babus’ waited for the departments to be divided before assigning them duties with the new ministers. This discussion continued for several days in the Secretariat. Whoever I talked to, heard the same thing – first the departments should be divided, only then the postings will be done. What’s the hurry now?

Challenge in front of uncle

This time his ‘uncle’ is trying his luck from Karnal Lok Sabha. The biggest challenge before Kaka is from his close friend and sitting MP Sanjay Bhatia. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Sanjay Bhatia was the second MP across the country who won with the highest number of votes. Kaka’s supporters are trying to create a new record. It has been learned that the faces included in the cabinet are also going to benefit. Panipat district is also a part of Karnal Parliament. In such a situation, rural MLA Mahipal Dhanda was made the heavyweight minister for the first time. There are also a lot of Rajput voters in this area. It is discussed that due to this reason, this time Sohna MLA Sanjay Singh has been made minister from this quota. What’s more, our new CM will also contest the by-election from Karnal constituency. That means Karnal will be kept as CM City only. Let’s see whether Kaka makes a new record or not.

doctor’s feeling

This time the doctor from Hisar has got the department of his choice. Along with the choice, it is also related to their profession. By the way, ‘Kaka’ had increased the concern of Doctor Saheb on 12th March. For the first time, Doctor Saheb was kept out of the cabinet formation. However, later an opportunity arose at the time of expansion. Believe it, even your doctor was waiting for this day. As soon as he took oath as a minister, he reached the secretariat and this time asked to change his office. Instead of sitting in the old office on the eighth floor, Netaji liked the office of the tall former ‘Chhote CM’ on the fifth floor. The wishes were also fulfilled. Took charge of the office with full ‘feeling’. Now people are saying that Netaji is having a complete ‘feeling’ while sitting in this office. Perhaps, you too would be feeling sad over the fact that though the name of the post did not include Deputy, but at least you got the office of Deputy.

-grandfather Sir

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