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Channel directors come together to celebrate Television Week 2022

After two years forced to cancel all acts of celebration of the television weekdue to the pandemic COVID-19the President of WIPR-TV, Eric Delgadotook the initiative to keep solidarity alive among the stations and invited the representatives of the channels to the facilities of the Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting for a powerful television meeting.

In a simple and emotional ceremony, which was broadcast live on WIPR-TV, 940AM and the new PRTV+ application, the work done by the entire industry was highlighted. In particular, the social and community work was highlighted, as well as the leading role that television has had in the protection and recovery of the country, in every way.

Together with the president of WIPR-TV and Tony Rodríguez, president of the Television Week Committee for 32 years, they were José Cancela (President and General Manager of Telemundo), Rafael Lenín López (vice president of News of WAPA-TV), Andrés Ramírez de Arellano (president of ABC5), Luis Quiñones Mora (general manager of TeleOro, Channel 13), Frankie Negrón (general manager of CTNI, Channel 20), Juan Miguel Hernández (general manager of Mega TV, Channel 24) , as well as Pastor Edwin Rodríguez of Channel 58.

“When I recently had the opportunity to talk with my friend Tony Rodríguez and he told me, with great sadness, that for the third consecutive year the celebration of Television Week would have to be postponed, I told him that this could not happen; that, precisely, it was up to the radio stations of the people of Puerto Rico to keep alive the flame of this recognition to the professionals and good people who work in front of and behind the cameras. For this reason, today we are here in a symbolic but heartfelt act to carry a loud and clear message that we are alive, committed, present in the life of every Puerto Rican and, above all, united and fighting to move this industry forward. so relevant for the economy and cultural and spiritual growth of our country”, said Delgado, president of WIPR-TV.

The undersecretary of the Department of State, Félix E. Rivera, was in charge of delivering the proclamations to the representatives of the channels, as well as to Luis Antonio “Yoyo Boing”, to whom the 2022 Television Week was dedicated. As usual, “Yoyo” did his thing by taking the microphone and thanking the distinction, causing laughter among those present with his usual anecdotes and occurrences.

Television Week 2022. (supplied)

At the same time, Senator Ada García Montes, president of the Education, Tourism and Culture Commission, presented the certificates to those honored by that legislative body.

“Yoyo Boing” also received recognition from the Senate, as did the musical director of so many singers who have appeared on our television, maestro Cucco Peña, as well as Pedro Gascot, who for more than three decades worked as a technician on various channels. The latter, apart from his personal character, was honored on behalf of all television technicians without whose effort and talent we would not have had television of such high quality for 68 years.

“We are very grateful to Eric Delgado for his initiative that this week was not overlooked, making WIPR-TV the host channel, symbolically. That’s worth a million. And, on this occasion, contrary to other years that focused on the inviting channel, we decided to dedicate it in general to all channels for the work carried out during the emergencies experienced during the past years,” said Rodríguez, president of the Puerto Rico Television Week Committee.

The activity concluded with the interpretation of José Juan Tañón, in the song “I believe in God”, accompanied by Cucco Peña on piano.

Television Week 2022
Television Week 2022 (Supplied)

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