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Celta terminates Santi Mina’s contract

This Friday the Celta Vigo has officially communicated its decision to terminate the contract of the player Santi Mina, who still had two years left in the Galician team. “After carefully analyzing the different legal alternatives available, as the club announced on July 19 after the pronouncement of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusiatoday RC Celta has made the firm decision to unilaterally terminate the employment contract of the player Santi Mina,” he said in his statement.
This decision that the club has taken has the support of LaLiga and without hesitation they validate their initial position.
“From the first day the celestial entity stressed that the values ​​of RC Celta are above all else and that the club would defend them until the last consequences, including the repercussions that it could have on sports planning,” he said.
Celta considers itself a centenary club and recalls that throughout its history it has demonstrated its “unwavering commitment” to society and “defense” of certain values which, he insists, are the “sign of identity” of the club.
In the middle of last July, Santi Mina returned to training del Celta after completing his assignment at the Al Shabab from Saudi Arabia. Despite this, on July 19, the members of the TSJA ratified the sentence of the Audiencia de Almería that sentenced to four years in prison for a crime of sexual abuse.
The Court rejected the convicted person’s grounds for appeal, in which he indicated that his right to effective judicial protection was violated because, in his opinion, the judgment of the High Court of Almería was not impartial when assessing the victim’s statements and that there were contradictions in the various statements of the victim.
In this sense, the Chamber explains that the victim’s account lacks “relevant contradictions in essential aspects.”
The appeal section also rules out that the victim acted for a spurious motive, which would consist of obtaining large compensation and, according to the sentence, the testimony of the complainant “seems reliable” and appreciates “that she persisted in her incrimination and although, in In effect, added new facts in his second statement, it is ruled out that this point had any relevance”.

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