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Celebrity romances that were kept secret for years

Statements that aroused anger, attempts to preserve relationships that eventually turned out to be fruitless, controversies that surrounded renowned musicians… Many celebrities lived love stories of great intensity that, for various reasons, they preferred not to make known to the press. In this note, a tour of some of them, and the ways in which they ended up becoming public.

Humphrey Bogart and a relationship he kept away from the flashes

The actor was not only one of the great exponents of classic cinema, one of the most memorable performers that the big screen has ever given, but also a figure whose private life was notoriously intense, with multiple marriages and relationships that ended up being exposed. One of them, perhaps the one that was least known due to how it was decided to hide, was the one that Humphrey Bogart started with a hairdresser named Verita Thompson, who was working on various Hollywood productions when Casablanca was released in 1942 and Bogart became a real star.

At that time, the actor was married to Mayo Methot, his second wife, with whom he made the relationship official in 1938. Thompson, for his part, had also passed through the altar so, initially, both tried to avoid the feelings that had been shared. woke up at a party where they exchanged glances. However, the attraction was stronger and, soon, both of them were involved in a affair about which Verita spoke decades after the death of Bogart, who died on January 14, 1957.

Colin Farrell and Elizabeth Taylor, a very deep connection

“Bogie didn’t like to dance, but we danced all night anyway and became lovers,” Thompson told the press in statements reported by The Guardian. In 1982, meanwhile, the woman wrote her memoirs, Bogie and me: a love story. “He always told me that we made a perfect couple because we had many things in common and we were alike in many ways.”said Verita, who also described herself as “the worst nightmare” for Lauren Bacall, whom the actor married in May 1945. “During the ceremony I looked at Bogie and saw that he had tears in his eyes. He told me that it was because he had finally understood the meaning of the words that were said at the ceremony,” Bacall expressed about that unforgettable love story.

The Irish actor never walked down the aisle, but he had high-profile romances, such as those he had with the British actress Amelia Warner; with the mother of his first child, model Kim Bordenave; with the Polish performer Alicja Bachleda, with whom he had his second child; and with renowned figures such as Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie. Although the protagonist of The spirits of the island He does not usually talk about his private life, the special bond that united him with the film legend, Elizabeth Taylor, marked him so much that he spoke out about it after the death of the protagonist of Cleopatrain March 2011. “With Elizabeth I had the most romantic relationship of my life”, declared the actor, who provided details about that warm story, which emerged in the last years of the actress’s life. The actor was sending flowers to her house until Taylor formally invited him to visit her.

“That was the beginning of something that was very cool, that lasted two and a half years and that I felt like a romantic story, possibly the only one I had”added the actor, who shared that they both strengthened their bond through late-night calls. “She didn’t sleep much at night and neither did I, so she always called her late and we talked a lot, I adored her, she was a spectacular woman,” he emphasized. After the actress’ death, Farrell remained involved in causes she supported and became an ambassador for Elizabeth’s HIV foundation. “I was fortunate enough to meet Liz and it was always clear to me how important this foundation was to her,” he said in 2022, when he received an award for her work.

Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson and their recent revelations

Both Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson have always been associated with the relationships that marked their respective lives. In the case of Mirren, the one that unites her with director Taylor Hackford, whom she married in 1997; and as for the actor, the one she had with the remembered Natasha Richardson, the great love of her life, who died in 2009 in a skiing accident. In any case, in recent statements, the actor Relentless search He said that he had a very nice bond with the Oscar winner. She “she is a remarkable woman and an extraordinary actress. I should feel honored to have spent three or four years with that lady. She is truly from another world,” she said in a chat with ET Canada about the relationship she struck up with Mirren after the chemistry they felt while filming the film. Excaliburin 1980.

In 2018, in a joint appearance on the Graham Norton show, Neeson had already recalled the relationship, to the surprise of his colleague. “I remember being on set and standing with Ciarán Hinds as Helen walked towards us dressed in her full Morgana Le Fey outfit and we both said, ‘Oh’ and I fell in love. “I think Ciaran was too, but I was very much in love.”, revealed the interpreter, who left the actress speechless. “I never knew, you never told me. “It’s incredible,” she said, and clarified that their relationship was not casual but very serious, so much so that they lived under the same roof for four years, although with a very low profile.

“Before I met her and worked together, I had read somewhere that if she liked a boy, she would imitate his way of walking behind his back. I turned around one day and she was doing that to me,” Neeson noted about Mirren and the dynamics of a relationship about which little was known until her protagonists alluded to it.

Carrie Fisher and a confession that bothered Harrison Ford

In 2016, the same year of her death, beloved actress Carrie Fisher was promoting the imminent release of her memoirs, The princess’s Diarywhen he alluded to how the relationship with his colleague and partner in Star WarsHarrison Ford, had moved off the set. “It was very intense”, Fisher told People magazine, previewing what could be found in the pages of his autobiographical book. “We were Han and Leia during the week and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend.” At that time, the actress and writer also revealed that the ephemeral bond began when, after a day of filming, Ford offered to take her home, which was the starting point of a very passionate relationship that lasted a few months. year 1976.

After hearing the statements, the actor was angry at the way in which Fisher revealed that link that they had decided to keep secret, since Ford was married to Mary Marquardt. On the other hand, rumors of a lawsuit against Carrie also emerged. “I told him that I found the diaries, which I hadn’t seen since I wrote them, and that I was going to publish them. He just said ‘lawyer,’” was Fisher’s response. “I told him that he could remove anything he didn’t like. I sent them to him, but he never commented. I guess he didn’t hate anything. I know the whole thing embarrasses you. “That’s what it’s for, to embarrass us all again,” added the actress, who died on December 27 of the same year that her book generated a great revolution.

In March 2018, Ford remembered her with great affection, showing that old grudges dissipated when he learned of the actress’s departure. “When I think about today, I really regretted not having the other member of our trio to celebrate with us, but I feel his presence,” said the actor, referring to Fisher, as part of the recognition given to Mark Hamill with the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and a wedding that was cut short

In the 90s, two titans of music, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houstonthey appeared together publicly, ensuring that they were united by a deep friendship. After the death of both, in 2009 and 2012, respectively, the king of pop’s bodyguard disclosed information to the press about an alleged romance between the artists. “Whitney practically moved in with Michael and they had a bond like any other couple”, Matt Fiddes assured in his statements to The Sun newspaper. Likewise, the man revealed that Jackson was so in love with Whitney that he was contemplating marrying her.

Producer David Gest, Liza Minnelli’s ex-husband, was very close to both performers, and did not hesitate to support Fiddes’ statements. He also said that Houston reciprocated the feelings of the “Thriller” singer. In statements given to The Indian Express, Gest said that Jackson “was too shy to ask her to marry him.” At that same time, a scandal emerged: that the singer had had a affair with Jermaine, one of Michael’s brothers, which would have been the trigger for the dissolution of their bond.

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