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Cecilia Moreau asked for the resignation of Martín Guzmán: “He fulfilled a stage”

The attacks against Alberto Fernández from the Frente de Todos no longer come in the form of euphemisms. Now the orders are direct and precise: Martín Guzmán must leave the post of minister of Economy and it should be listened to “on the plain” again.

This Wednesday Cecilia Moreau, deputy of origins with Sergio Massa who knew how to build a solid bond also with Máximo Kirchner, maintained that Guzmán’s cycle is complete and asked that Fernández expand the circle of trust to other voices within the Front of All.

In statements to LN+He stated: “I think that Martín (Guzmán) fulfilled a stage in what was the agreement that was signed with the Fund, with an important role. It seems to me that the Government needs to include other actors at the decision-making table regarding the construction of this road, even if they are not from our political space”.

Moreau acknowledged: “We are very complicated.” “The world is upside down and the country too. Not enough with a ministerit is necessary something more powerful”, he launched in a message to the Casa Rosada to broaden the decision base.

The departure of Guzmán from the Treasury is the main claim of Cristina Kirchner and the ultra-Kirchnerism of which Moreau became a part, like her father, also a deputy. The break between the President and the Vice President occurred precisely after the agreement reached by the minister with the IMF. In recent weeks, the green lights given by the Executive Power for the rate increase of public services.

Cecilia Moreau with Máximo Kirchner in the Chamber of Deputies. Photo: Federico López Claro.

The vice of the Frente de Todos bloc was consulted about an eventual departure of Guzmán of the Cabinet to which he replied that “we must not have fear of changes of names or clinging to people when one is definitely passing through”.

“We are all worried. a change is ok, if it is a change for more accurate policies. in that already Martin has a little wear for what the pandemic meant, the agreement with the Fund”, he insisted with the exit.

Regarding his possible replacement, he considered that “one thing is required that has to do with a more human ministermore social, more political”.

Cecilia Moreau has arrived both in massismo and in La Cámpora.

Cecilia Moreau has arrived both in massismo and in La Cámpora.

Regarding Guzmán in particular, he argued critically that “he comes from a different background. he comes with Lots of training, but different. And he glossed over: “There he spent many years outside the country… with more neighborhoodLet’s say”.

After Guzmán, Cecilia Moreau points to Alberto Fernández

Moreau’s voice did not shake either to attack the President. He said he has “the greatest respect” for her, but “is not the only word within the space”.

“Alberto is the President who chose our political space and the Argentines chose. He is the one who has the last word and I have the greatest respect and affection for him, but I also believe that is not the only word within this space. There are other actors who must be heard and must be taken into account, “she launched.

The deputy gave Axel Kicillof and his “institutionalization of a table of the Front of All” as a good example.

“The first thing that has to happen is what happened in the province of Buenos Aires. What Axel (Kicillof) did, what Sergio (Massa) did through Malena (Galmarini) in representation of our political space. What Máximo (Kirchner) did as president of the PJ, what the mayors did: an institutionalization of a table of the Frente de Todos, in which they obviously have to be them: Sergio, the governors, Cristina… The President has to be there.”

He deepened that “three or four issues should be sought to agree and move forward”. “And stand up on those issues. From there, the possible names for the cabinet will come up alone,” he guessed.


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