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‘Caste politics will not work in Punjab’: Bhagwant Mann to NDTV


Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) CM candidate of Punjab Bhagwant Mann Today Parkash Singh is campaigning in Badal’s Garh Lambi. During this, he had a special conversation with NDTV. On the situation of AAP in Punjab, Bhagwant Mann said that the Aam Aadmi Party is improving day by day, those who were even thinking of casting votes for other parties are now thinking that not to spoil the votes and to Aam Aadmi Party only. Have to vote, people want to get out of this maze that two parties rule alternately and do not take any action on each other, AAP is getting tremendous response. People are seeing a sense of belonging in me. The earlier government continued from the palaces and the doors of the palaces were not open to the people for four and a half years. In my name and character, he sees an affinity that he is our only son, nephew and brother.


Bhagwant Mann on Congress CM candidate Channi Said that Charanjit Singh Channi had agreed that I could not keep an eye on my relatives, in whose house the Enforcement Directorate got crores of rupees, those who could not keep an eye on their family, how would they keep an eye on the whole of Punjab. Did so much work in 111 days that Rs 56 crore and transfer posting money… do people want to choose such a man or choose an honest man?

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Rahul Gandhi said that Channi is a poor person, he has declared assets in his affidavit to the tune of 170 crores. Is 170 crore poor? In whose nephew’s house the ED gets Rs 5-10 crore just like that, he is poor. Has Congress given a corrupt chief minister in the form of Captain Amarinder Singh before and now it is another corrupt chief minister? The people of Punjab want a government with honesty and true intentions.

What difference will AAP make from a Dalit chief minister? To the question, Mann replied that caste politics would not work in Punjab. This Congress has done a lot wrong here. You can do whatever you want in UP and Bihar, but the social bonding and brotherhood of Punjab is amazing. Anandpur Sahib Lok Sabha, where Takht Shri Keshgarh Sahib is there, Manish Tewari wins the election, Faridkot is considered to be a seat up to 15, so Mohammad Sadiq wins from here and the poor are with us, because when we do good schools then only the children of the poor So will study in those schools. If we build a hospital for treatment, then only the poor will be treated. We have to take 3 crore Punjabis together.

So you are sure that you will do Bhangra on 10th March? On this, Bhagwant Mann said that on March 10, the whole of Punjab will throw Bhangra. The name of the people of Punjab will be written in history because it will be said that it is these people who changed Punjab. Punjab always leads. Punjab took the lead in the freedom movement and the whole country got freedom. Green revolution was brought to Punjab, food grains got to the whole country, Punjab led the farmers’ struggle and laws were returned for the whole country. Punjab will also become the leader of the politics of development now and it will become the Gateway of India after that.


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