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Cast of the remake of “Friends” mourns the death of Genesis Suarez

the new actress Genesis Suarez Figueroa He died at dawn on Friday, along with another young man in a tragic motorboat accident in Bayamón.

The 21-year-old stood out in the production from the remake of the famous series “Friends” which was created and produced by young Puerto Ricans. The production was made in May 2019.

The cast and production team mourned the death of the young woman who played “Monica Geller” in the Puerto Rican version of “Friends”.

In this version, he shared the stage with Jerry Rivas, Anthony García and Miguel Torres, Gerardo Rivas and Norberto Vélez, Fernando “El Tipo Oficial”, Natalie Guzmán and Yafed Marrero, among others.

“She was a talented actress, a great friend and a very special human being,” said Steven José Rosa, producer and director of this version of the series.

“She was perfect for the role, as she was a ‘Monica’ in real life, always attentive and organized. She stood out for her empathy and the love she always felt for her family, helping them get through the worst of times. I still can’t believe this happened. We ask for prayer for her family, ”added the also actor in written statements.

“Life is very fragile and we literally have to say ‘I love you’ and ‘I love you’ to the people who are important to us,” said co-star and fellow writer on the project, Lisa Alvarado, who played Phoebe Buffay.

All members of the cast and production are affected by the unexpected tragedy.

“Sadness encompasses us deeply. We are never ready for a loss, especially when it is as surprising as this one. Our colleague and friend Genesis Suárez, protagonist of the worldwide remake of the Friends series, died early Friday morning in an accident with her boyfriend Joshua Estrada. For us Genesis is an invaluable member of our family. She played Monica Geller and in the process she won the hearts of the audience. We ask for prayer for her family. See you always, dear friend”, expressed the Young Theater collective (group directed by the production) on their social networks.

Suarez Figueroa She was recognized along with her colleagues at the ARTEM Awards in 2019 with the Revelation Actress award and currently worked as a trainer and competitor in events in the fitness field, which was always a passion for her.

The cast of the remake of “Friends” was coordinating a reunion, as they planned to launch a special based on their experience with this production, which was reported to have been suspended until further notice.

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