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Carlos Merced faces a new cancer diagnosis: “I’m ready to get my hands on it, positive and with a lot of faith”

After having celebrated last December beat liver cancerpuerto rican actor Carlos Merced announced yesterday, Tuesday, that he faces a new diagnosis of this disease.

The comedian also told in a televised interview that new blood and computed tomography (CT Scan) studies identified a cancerous nodule in his left lung for which he needs treatment.

“I had a diagnosis of lung cancer after some tests they did to me. Something was coming out a little high in the blood tumor marker, so the doctors wanted to know if everything was going well in my liver, they had to find where that was,” Merced explained on the program Día a Día (Telemundo).

“So finally They did a CT Scan with contrast and there they were able to discover a cancerous nodule in the left lung with which they had to work.”, he abounded.

Merced, who has always stood out for her good charisma, announced the news lively and with a smile, a behavior that, she said, is due to her faith in God.

“I am ready to get my hands on it, positive and with a lot of faith. When you are diagnosed with something like that, you put everything in the hands of the Lord, and you don’t worry. I have continued my normal life, hesitating with my granddaughters, going out with my wife. my life is totally normal”, stated the artist.

The 59-year-old Puerto Rican is not only a liver cancer survivor, but said organ in his body is the product of a transplant after having suffered advanced cirrhosis in 2010. In addition, he received a kidney transplant at the end of 2019.

Merced took the opportunity to urge patients facing a cancer diagnosis to trust the treatments and keep their prayers in the face of the disease.

“The word cancer does have an impact, of course, but the science is very advanced. There is a diversity of treatments that one can undergo and continue with quality of life. What do I ask of God? I ask God to give me life. I have a lot to do, I have a book to finish, I have two chapters left to finish it. I have two granddaughters, one who is four years old and the other who is 11 months old, who I want to continue to see grow up and contribute to their education.”, he pointed out.

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