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Carlos Melconian’s harangue and the mayor that Juan Grabois dreams of


“We are very confident, it would make me angry to have to throw all this to hell… I have my eggs on the plate with the young people who are leaving: this has a solution, you have to tell the assholes. If they want to join in putting the hooks here, if not I’m going to Miami and bye…”, he released Carlos Alberto Melconian to Alejandro Fantino while shaking the papers of his economic plan, the one that brought him to the man from Santa Fe who works as a media “discoverer” of javier milei.

“You moved me,” replied “Fanta” to his guest on the radio program he does on the “Neura” platform. Melconian, with his red eyes, closed in a hurry: “Come on, we’re done…”. That is the plan to which Patricia Bullrich’s presidential campaign is tied today: the harangue of the economist from Valentín Alsina who, with his economic stand-up, will try to convince middle- and upper-class voters who, at one point, voted They amused Milei and today they observe that dollarization would not have the necessary dollars. And that the “caste” found its limits in perennial unionists like Luis Barrionuevo and Gerardo Martínez, who have already heard that the libertarian does not talk about labor reforms. The tributes to Mendoza lawyer Raúl Baglini continue…

“They look like a newlywed couple”one of the main collaborators of Patricia B. who attends the dialogues that both maintain on a daily basis and who points out convinced: “People ask for a harangue. And that, ‘Melco’ guarantees it to you”. The presidential candidate talks about “order”, she tweets every day replicating the measures of Sergio Tomás Massa or the statements of Alberto Fernández and focuses on Kirchnerism. “Melco” refutes the economic guidelines of “Peluca” and will continue its raid of economic stand-ups throughout the country: from Mar del Plata and Mendoza to Justiniano Posse (in Córdoba) and Avellaneda, municipality of Santa Fe, where the the management of Alberto Fernández for the nationalization of Vicentín, the industrial and agricultural conglomerate that represented a milestone in the Peronist fight with the opposition during the current management of the Frente de Todos.

Therefore, the meeting of the bullrichismo technical teams was key for Melconian, which he did not attend because he was abroad, but which was his main swords: at the Palladio Hotel, they were Enrique Szewach, Rodolfo Santangelo, Daniel Artana and Facundo Martínez, who were pleasantly surprised with the constructive attitude shown by Luciano Laspina and Hernán Lacunzathe economic referents of the PRO who today attend the empowerment of “melconianism”.

But not all are roses in the bullrichista armed: in that presentation of technical teams, there was a lot of internal noise with the presentation of the deputy Silvia Lospennato in charge of the Women theme. “Should we say clearly that we are going to close the Women’s Ministry and we are presenting a concrete area on that topic?”grumbled loudly one of Patricia’s political references, annoyed at having added a woman who sponsored the candidacy of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in that area.

Another concern in the JvC camp is how the topic will continue Mauricio Macri. The former president will return to the country next Monday (from Europe) and it will reopen the still unresolved discussion of whether he is one of the main actors to win this election. What is certain is that anything he says about his relationship with Milei will be strategic for the opposition coalition. Cat with gloves…

Carlos Melconian. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

a doctor on the right

Also in the presentation of the technical teams after the internship of Together for Change, he was very active Fernan Quiros, who had been left in a bad mood in the dispute for the Head of Government of Buenos Aires, where Larreta finally blessed Jorge Macri. The health specialist was there along with another reference in the field such as Enrique Chiantore. But those who manage the national campaign, they see in Quirós a key name for an eventual national managementl, not only because of his prestige in the sector but because of the experience he gained in these years of management in the City, plus the intense times of the pandemic. That’s why, also from Jorge Macri’s team they have begun to talk with him: Quirós and the candidate for head of Government of JxC know each other through family, since Father Tonino was vice president of the Italian Hospital where Quirós trained. Silence, hospital….

Jorge Macri on tour with Fernán Quirós and Emmanuel Ferrario.Jorge Macri on tour with Fernán Quirós and Emmanuel Ferrario.

Freedom from Charges

Javier Milei had an extensive talk with trade unionist Gerardo Martínez, who said strong things to him. In addition to pointing out that he voted for Sergio Massa, the UOCRA boss went into “advisory” mode: “You can’t elbow the country,” he told him before the serene look of the vehement economist. Perhaps because of that advice, Milei made contacts with leaders that she could include as part of the political corporation.

A name that began to circulate strongly in recent days was that of Santiago Montoya. It is that Milei and the former ARBA collector in the management of Daniel Scioli, became friends as panelists of “Intratables”. Thus it was that Montoya became a regular on the libertarian’s radio programs, which came to have six different broadcasts, one of them at the UAI. There, they talked about the passage of the former Sciolist official through the Mediterranean Foundation in the times when Domingo Cavallo reigned there.

The striking thing is that Santiago Montoya while it plays as Milei’s possible man for the AFIP continues to be advisor to Sergio Massa.

Santiago Montoya, Sergio Massa and Guillermo Michel in a meeting at the Palacio de Hacienda.Santiago Montoya, Sergio Massa and Guillermo Michel in a meeting at the Palacio de Hacienda.

Montoya advises the Peronist minister-candidate on fiscal and defense issues. But Milei’s growth has led the former director of ARBA not to deny a possible accompaniment to “León” in the event that he reached the Presidency.

This relationship between massismo and Milei’s hosts recognizes a novelty almost daily. In these days he refloated a post by Moria Casán on the Tigre courtwhich the theater and TV diva attended with her partner Fernando Galmarini plus Malena and the children of the Massa-Galmarini couple. There was Félix Paolucci, nephew of Rodolfo Paolucci, the candidate for mayor of “La Libertad Avanza” in Tigre.

Moria Casan's tweet after a Tigre game with Fernando and Malena Galmarini.  And with Félix Paolucci, nephew of the candidate for mayor of Milei in TigreMoria Casan’s tweet after a Tigre game with Fernando and Malena Galmarini. And with Félix Paolucci, nephew of the candidate for mayor of Milei in Tigre

The tweet coincides with others from Malena Massa with the Galmarini family and the Paoluccis at end-of-year celebrations. Everything has to do with everything, said Pancho Ibáñez…

To unwire

Who also wants to hide his ties with the Massa is Juan Grabois, the former presidential candidate who today is hoping for another discussion: the mayor of the city of Rosario. While he declares – without enthusiasm – that he will ask his voters to vote for Massa out of devotion to Cristina Kirchner, the head of the Movement of Excluded Workers is betting on his candidate in the Rosario election this Sunday. Juan Monteverde heads the list of “Future City”an “independent” name that tries to disguise that it is endorsed by Governor Omar Perotti and by all Kirchnerism. Grabois has led several acts with Monteverde, bringing the support of Cristina Kirchner there. Monteverde has tried in recent hours to get rid of his old speeches supporting Venezuelans Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, so as not to sound “ideological” in the fight with Pablo Javkin, who has the support of the gubernatorial candidate Maximiliano Pullaro. Rosario was always close, your life was always close and this is true…

Juan Grabois with Juan Monteverde, his candidate for mayor in RosarioJuan Grabois with Juan Monteverde, his candidate for mayor in Rosario

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