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Carlos III does not want to be replaced by his son Harry or his brother Andrés

Carlos III and Camila, together with Prince William / afp

The monarch asks the British Parliament to allow his sister and younger brother, Ana and Eduardo, to replace him in his duties when necessary

King Carlos III has asked Parliament to appoint his siblings, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, as State Councilors so that they can replace him in fulfilling some functions of the British monarch when he cannot perform them. Through this modification, he avoids the need to remove his son Harry and his brother Andrés from that role.

The current councilors of state are his wife, Camila, queen consort, and the four members of the royal family who head the order of succession. They are William, Prince of Wales, and eldest son of Charles III and the late Princess Diana; Harry, Duke of Sussex and the youngest of the monarch’s sons; Andrés, Duke of York, and his daughter Beatriz, for being over 21 years old. Andrés was removed from public life due to his rocky relationships with Jeffrey Epstein and his environment while Harry lives in the United States with his spouse, Meghan Markle.

Councilors of State can stand in for the King at the opening ceremony of the parliamentary year, sign documents, receive ambassadors accredited to St. James’s Court, or represent him at Privy Council meetings, where Prime Ministers, former Government Ministers, opposition leaders and archbishops meet with the monarch to formally finalize the process of approving the laws.


According to the BBC, the House of Lords, where a letter from Carlos III requesting the appointment of Ana and Eduardo was read on Monday, is expected to approve it on Tuesday. A bill will be introduced in the House of Commons to amend the Regency laws that regulate the functions of the monarch. Unanimity in the lower house is also expected to facilitate the change.

The advisers act when the sovereign is traveling in a foreign country, or is indisposed and unable to perform his duties. The enlargement of its members is a clever way to avoid protests if the two most unpopular members of the family, Enrique and Andrés, of whom only 32% and 5% of the population have a positive impression, represented the crown.

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