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Carlos Alcaraz’s pain due to the tragic fire in Murcia: “I am very shocked”

The tragedy of the fires in the three clubs of Murcia, in Spain, which so far caused 13 fatalities, transcended borders and deeply affected several Spaniards in different parts of the globe. The one who was moved is the tennis player Carlos Alcaraz who, after reaching the quarterfinals in Beijing, expressed himself in China through his social networks.

Very shocked by the terrible news coming from Murcia “after the fire in several nightclubs this past morning… My condolences to the families of the deceased and a huge hug to all those affected,” the Spanish tennis player posted on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

He closed the heartfelt words with two emojis: a prayer and a broken heart.

The publication had an immediate impact. Within a few minutes it got just over seven thousand likes; more than 70 comments and more than 385 thousand interactions.

The Spanish tennis player, number 2 in the ATP ranking, moved to the quarterfinals of the Beijing Open a couple of hours ago, after beating the Italian Lorenzo Musetti by a double 6-2 and around midnight he will face the Norwegian Casper Ruud for a new instance of the Chinese tournament.

Alcaraz’s link with Murcia is direct. Not only because he was born in El Palmar, but also because he recently bought a large mansion in Murcia where he converted it into his place of residence.

This Sunday around 6 (Spanish time) a raging fire broke out in three nightclubs in the Atalayas area, in Murcia. So far, police sources confirmed that there are 13 fatalities, but rescue operations continue and it is not ruled out that the number of victims will increase.

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