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Carlo Ancelotti’s past: agriculture, cows and rented land

Carlo Ancelotti. From Italy to Spain through England. Milan, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Everton, Napoli… his track record, the envy of every football lover. His calm character, the envy of every nervous person. This is the Real Madrid coach who has gone through Universo Valdano in the run-up to the Champions League semi-final match against Manchester City.

Childhood in Italy

“My mother didn’t want to, she didn’t care about football at all. I spent four years in a school for priests, in the Salesianos, I learned the discipline, the schedules… I learned to be responsible, before my mother or my grandmother always helped me. I liked studying, but I ended up as an electrical expert”

Happy in Madrid

“I am aware that I train the biggest club in the world, the demand is high and I have to accept it. In Napoli I felt good, but coming back to Madrid was special, I never thought it could happen”

Stage in Milan

“At the last minute Capello left me on the bench and in the stands and I didn’t understand. He told me that when I was a coach, I would understand. The players of my time wanted to be a coach more than those of now, it is harder for them to get in our place”

Presidents like Berlusconi or Florentino

“There are some who are amateurs and others who are business presidents. It changes the way the club is managed. I prefer amateur presidents, because the structure of the club is similar to a family. Business clubs are more difficult to manage.”

Florentino Perez

“He is president of the amateur category. His success has never been achieved by another president, he is like Berlusconi, I will carry Madrid and Milan in my heart until they stop. The relationship between president and coach in this second stage is calmer and more balanced “For what he achieved and for his idea for the future of this club. It’s a team that never stops, or you celebrate quickly because… you have to hurry up because you have to look straight ahead. That’s why he’s won so much, he’s not feeling well with defeat, if that happens you will lose”

White hand in the locker room

“It’s my character. I want to distinguish the person from the job. I’ve grown up respecting people. You can’t say you’re a footballer or a coach, you’re a person who plays football or a person who trains. Work affects what you are, but I want to distinguish it well”

improve soccer

“Cutting games. You can’t remove a Chelsea-Madrid or a City-Liverpool, with that I have said it. If a coach gets tired they put another, but if Modric gets tired, you don’t go to a pass like that with the outside. If you do it with your hand you are not capable”

Duel against City

“There are two things, the happiness of being in the semifinals in this type of match, and the worry. If you are worried, it is that you take care of what may happen”

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