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Carla Vizzotti once again raised the goal of “deepening the integration” of the public and private health systems

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, once again raised the need to “deepen integration” public and private systems and social security. The initiative had generated last year differences within the Government and crosses with the prepaid ones.

Within the framework of the Pre-Regional Conference of Health Systems Global Southern Cone, the official highlighted that this objective was a priority from the beginning of the national government’s management and remarked that “when the pandemic arrived, no one else doubted the importance of health for the economic, social, productive, educational and labor development of the countries”.

Thus, Vizzotti indicated that before the emergency of the health crisis, the portfolio he directs created an Equity Secretariat to work with the 24 jurisdictions and integrate the health system.

“From the first day of our administration we have thought that this is a central challenge,” acknowledged the minister, adding that “the pandemic made it possible for us to articulate and integrate in a very important way, and the goal now is deepen that articulation, that integration and the strengths of each one of the sectors, and support in the weaknesses”.

Carla Vizzotti, Minister of Health, once again addressed the issue of the integration of health systems

The minister concluded that “the Ministry of Health of the Nation managed to have a central and guiding role not only in public health but in the different sectors of the system and that is a huge opportunity to look forward”.

In her turn, the Chief of Staff, Sonia Tarragona, stated that “our health system, with all the weaknesses that we know of, managed to ensure that we did not have to leave any Argentine without care, but we must return to discuss what we have not resolved. and start working on the integration of the fragmented and segmented health system. We have made a lot of progress in this integration but there is still a lot to do”.

An open controversy

In June 2021, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner raised the need to reformulate health care.

“Tell me: today it is not integrated into the kicks because reality imposed it integrating all the systems because the prepaid ones do not know where to place people because they do not have them, they go to the public and from the public they go to the private?” stated in La Plata.

This set off alarms in the sector and both Vizzotti and the then Chief of Staff and current Chancellor, Santiago Cafiero, had to go out to calm the waters.

They denied the existence of a project and recognized dialogues to reduce fragmentation. At the time, the idea was postponed until after the legislative elections.

At that time, the head of the Argentine Health Union (UAS), Claudio Belocopitt, accused the Government of seeking that prepaid medicine companies remain without financial capacity to, immediately afterwards, advance with the nationalization of the system.

The debate had also arisen in the framework of a request from the prepaid for increases. “Health is priceless, but it does have a cost. And even more so in the midst of a pandemic,” said Belocopitt.


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