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Careful! Today No Circulation Monday in CDMX and Edomex

Remember that all cars with yellow gummed, finishing plates 5 and 6, and that have the hologram 1 or 2 they must remain stored at home due to the Hoy No Circula program, in all the municipalities of the State of Mexico, as well as in the 16 mayoralties of the Mexico City, This Monday, August 7.

Will there be a double Hoy No Circula this Monday?

If you wonder if there will be double Today does not circulate for this Monday the answer is no, because the ozone particles have not represented problems and the Megalopolis Environmental Commission (CAMe) It has not issued an alert for poor air quality conditions.

Remember that this program is only implemented if there is an environmental contingency in order to reduce pollution.

What cars do circulate this Monday, August 7?

  • Electric and hybrid cars or vehicles that have an ecological license plate or exempt type hologram.
  • All vehicles bearing the hologram “00” or “0”.
  • Vehicles for the private use of workers in the health sector in all its specialties, paramedical and administrative who have valid credentials, as well as ambulances.
  • School and personnel transportation vehicles, as well as those intended for funeral processions and transportation of funeral services with a valid verification hologram.
  • Cars for people with disabilities that have the Permission to exempt the Hoy No Circula.
  • All vehicles identified with a public passenger and tourism service circulation card (wagons, minibuses and buses or trucks) with federal or local license plates, which comply with current verification provisions.
  • All motorcycles or cars that carry a Valid Tourist Pass or with permission granted by the Ministry of the Environment.
  • All cars that have gummed red, blue, pink and green.

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