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Can’t see any reason other than accidental firing of missile from Indian side: US

America has spoken on the fall of India’s missile in Pakistan. (symbolic photo)


America has said that there does not appear to be any other reason other than the accidental launch of a missile that recently fell in Pakistan from India. The Indian government said on Friday that two days ago a missile had accidentally fired, which landed in Pakistan and that the “regrettable” incident was due to a technical fault during routine maintenance.


“As you have heard from our Indian colleagues that this incident was nothing but a mistake, we also see no other reason,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a daily news conference on Monday. .”

Defense Ministry replied on missile fall in Pakistan: “Accident happened due to technical fault, expressed regret

Price said in response to a question, “You should ask any other question in this regard to the Indian Defense Ministry. He issued a statement on March 9, clarifying what actually happened on that day. We cannot comment other than that.

Pakistan warns India on ‘flying supersonic object’, there was a crash in Pakistan

There has been a statement from the Ministry of Defense of India regarding the missile falling in Pakistan, which states that during the routine repair work on March 9, the missile fired due to technical glitch. The government has taken this matter seriously and ordered a high-level inquiry. However, it was a matter of relief that there was no loss of life or property due to the fall of the missile.

Indian government expressed regret in the case of missile falling in Pakistan, orders for investigation

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