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Canadian GP: ‘Checo’ Pérez apologizes for qualifying result; ‘I made a mistake’

The Canadian GP it didn’t sit very well with Sergio ‘Checo’ Perezwho since Friday has battled with the times and this Saturday was out of the ranking because he crashed into the retaining wall in Q2, so he will have to race this Sunday from 13th position.

After qualifying, Pérez apologized for having lost control of his car in a corner, accepting that it was his mistake and that he had the possibility of getting a better starting position.

Apologies to the whole team. It was a shame what happened because we had a great car to fight for a much better place”, expressed the pilot from Guadalajara for FOX Sports.

On the other hand, he told the microphones of SKY Sports that, after the mistake made, now he only has to concentrate on tomorrow’s race to get the best possible place and, in this way, continue adding points, since he has a good car in his possession and will seek to squeeze its full potential.

I made a mistake on my part. Now we have to think about tomorrow, be ready and try to recover to get some points”, she said. “Morning I’ll try to minimize the damage and attack from the back and see where we can end”, added the 32-year-old runner.

What happened to ‘Checo’ during Q2?

As was mentioned at the beginning, the Red Bull driver suffered an accident where crashed into the retaining wall. We tell you briefly how it happened:

  • 10 minutes from the end of Q2, ‘Checo’ Pérez suffers an incident; however, he will try to get out of it on his own.
  • They mark a red flag on the track.
  • ‘Checo’ tries to reverse to get out but his maneuver doesn’t work, he seems to be hooked. The nose of the car is ’embedded’ in the wall.
  • ‘Checo’ gets out of the car; he is no longer in the ranking.

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