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Can ‘Omicron’ variant of corona be caught in PCR test? What does WHO say…

A new variant of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in South Africa, Omicron.


South Africa rapidly spreading coronavirus new variants of omicron Regarding this, the WHO said on Sunday that it can be detected with a PCR test, but now it is being researched whether it has an effect on other types of tests as well. WHO said, “This new variant of Covid can also be detected by the PCR test being used in most places around the world, although research is being done whether it has the same effect on other tests including rapid antigen detection test.” also has any effect or not.” The WHO on Friday termed Omicron, which was detected in South Africa earlier this month, as a worrying variant.


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Omicron has been put in the most disturbing category of Covid-19 variants. Delta and its weaker rivals Alpha, Beta and Gamma were also placed in this category earlier. Omicron spread around the world on Sunday, after borders were closed and restrictions were renewed. The head of the European Union said that governments faced a “race against time” to understand this variant.

Omicron spread across the world, the central government warned the states

The variant has cast doubt on global efforts to fight the pandemic as it is feared to be highly contagious. Due to this, countries are being forced to re-implement measures that people now consider to be a thing of the past.

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In its update, the WHO said it is “not yet clear” whether Omicron is more easily transmitted from person to person, or whether infection with the variant causes more severe disease than other strains. However, preliminary evidence suggests that people who have been previously diagnosed with corona are at increased risk of becoming victims of this variant. At the moment the information on this is limited.


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