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Camavinga acknowledges the privilege of playing alongside Modric, Kroos and Casemiro

Eduardo Camavinga has had a year of privileged learning in the real Madrid alongside midfielders like Luka Modric, Tony Kroos or Casemiroin his first season in the team that has won the Spanish League and reached the Champions League final.

In a long interview published this Saturday by the newspaper L’Equipethe young man of 19 years who nine months ago became the unexpected reinforcement of the white team discovers how his integration into the dressing room was and how he perceives the game in “the biggest club in the world”.

First of all, he highlights how well he was received by the stars despite his youth (he was 18 when he arrived): “Honestly, everyone has made me feel comfortable, without exception,” he says. “It is a real luck to learn next to these players”, he affirms, especially from his teammates in midfield. “Luka has instinct, vision. He is not a Ballon d’Or by chance. He attacks as well as he defends, and I am inspired by the way he moves.”

“Tony throws crazy passes. You see it in games, but in training it’s even worse”, he jokes. And about Casemiro, he highlights that it helped him keep calm in the game and not receive yellow cards too soon.

He explains that he naturally approached the francophones of the group (the French Benzema and Mendy, and the Belgians Courtois and Hazard), but which also maintains a very good relationship with other youngsters like Vinicius and Rodrygo. To the point that the two Brazilian strikers entrust their haircut to Sebastiao Camavinga, elder brother of the white midfielder.

The Austrian David Alaba, who arrived at the team at the same time as Camavinga, plays the role of older brother in the locker room. “He is someone who talks to you and helps you a lot. We have a relationship. But I can tell you that if I do something wrong, he will tell me firmly,” she explains.

The French international also talks about his idea of ​​the game, and in this aspect he considers that “you can have an impact on the game without being ‘decisive’ in the way it is understood, but that is not measured as well statistically and the fans They pay less attention.

For example, it highlights the importance of game construction as a key to scoring. “Between scoring and scoring, I would always choose the latter, it’s almost as important as scoring a goal. It happens the same with the penultimate passesBut who talks about it?

In his opinion, “the game without the ball is revealing” about a player. and he confesses that when he arrived at the Rennes training center, his home club, “I never defended”, but “one day I started defending like crazy and I became another player”. Now, at Real Madrid “everything goes faster on the pitch, in your development, in everything”, he admits.

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