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Camarasa’s overwhelming story about his mental health problems: “I couldn’t breathe”

Victor Camarasa He has gone through a real hell that only he knows. In September, when the situation was already unsustainable, the news broke: the midfielder would be on the sidelines of the team for an “indeterminate period of time” to “take care of his mental health”.

Camarasa is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and has already rejoined the dynamics of the Carbayón team a month after having to stop. The work of the psychologists has been incredibly efficient and the former Levante youth player reveals in Movistar + the tremendous ordeal that he has gone through:

Camarasa talks about the moment when the problems began: “This started in preseasonwhen thoughts of disappointment, of not having the desire. He came to train as if he were dead… “I just wanted to go to sleep and let another day go by.”

At first he didn’t give it much importance: “I thought I could, that I could… and finally I couldn’t, no matter how much I did a hundred things well, for one who did wrongthat was the one I couldn’t get out of my head.”

He began to realize the problem he had when he received a visit from his best friend before the derby. Was when Collapsed. “He gave me a Anxiety Attack and I simply couldn’t breathe.” He didn’t dare to tell his real problem, so he invented injuries: “I was embarrassed to say: ‘Hey, I just can’t.'”

Fortunately, pushed by his family, he decided to go to a mental health professional: “He told me that, obviously, “I had a problem and I had to stop no matter what.”.

The statement from Oviedo arrived and he got to work with the psychologists and psychiatrists: “I took and am taking medication to be calmer and not think about things”

Football, an essential part of his life, was completely relegated to the background: “Football is a very important part of my life, but it is of no use to you if you are not happy. Not being so focused on football helped me.”he admits.

Last October 7th returned to the playing fields: “Right now I’m back to enjoying what I like most. I had to stop to reconnect all the cables in my mind and be well again. Now I’m happy. This is a process and I don’t think it is completely cured. There can always be a relapse”.


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