Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Byankah Sobá joins us for a Coffee in the Plaza from Vieques

The town party has started in Vieques! We are Puerto Rico, a GFR Media project that seeks to highlight the attractions of all the towns in the country, knocks on the doors of Isla Nena today, and brings you a series of activities in the public square, including health clinics, vaccinations and talks.

This time, we will share a coffee with the Viequense journalist, Biankah Sobá, who will tell about her experiences growing up in the island municipality. Of course, she will also give her recommendations for tourists who want to tour the space that saw her grow up.

And, if you get to the square, you can also enjoy the music of Los Intocables.

The “Somos Puerto Rico” initiative, in its second season, began in April and has covered the towns of Santa Isabel, Ponce, Peñuelas, Yabucoa, Villalba, Guayama and Vieques.

The idea this year is to impact 29 municipalities on the island, in addition to the 10 that were selected in the first phase. The year will close with success stories from the diaspora in Orlando, Florida.

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