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British MP suspended for 30 days for traveling on train despite being Covid positive

MP Margaret Ferrier has been accused of damaging the reputation of the UK Parliament.

A Scottish leader who traveled by train from London to Glasgow despite being Covid-19 positive in the early stages of the Corona Pandemic. According to The Guardian, the MP now faces a 30-day suspension from the House of Commons. Media outlets have said that the Standards Committee of the UK Parliament said that Margaret Ferrier had damaged the reputation of Parliament and put the public at risk by traveling by train. If it is agreed to punish him through voting in the House of Commons, then there can be a by-election on his seat. Margaret won the 2017 election.

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Ferrier of the Scottish National Party won the election by 5,230 votes. His rival Labor Party candidate came second. He accepted the blame for breaking the Covid rules and lost his party whip. the guardian The report further states that he was also sentenced to 270 hours of community service.

BBC Said that Margaret Ferrier spoke in Parliament in September 2020 before getting the Covid test and starting the train journey. Despite being told to the MP that she had tested positive, she continued her journey.

Regarding the process of suspension, the media outlet said that any MP suspended from the House of Commons for at least 10 days can be recalled. A by-election is held if at least 10 percent of the registered voters in their constituency sign a petition.

The matter was investigated by Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards Daniel Greenberg. The BBC report states that they concluded that Ferrier had put his personal interest before the public interest by not isolating himself.

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