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British minister Rishi Sunak’s wife is richer than Queen Elizabeth II: Report

Minister Rishi Sunak, once touted as Britain’s future prime minister, has seen his popularity decline due to rising consumer prices, while recent reports suggest that his wife Murthy’s foreign earnings have been lost to British tax officials. have been saved from, due to which the pressure on them has increased.

Akshata Murthy’s father, 75-year-old NR Narayana Murthy, co-founded tech giant Infosys in 1981, which helped transform India into the “back office of the world”. Narayana Murthy borrowed ₹10,000 ($130) from his wife Sudha Murthy to form the company which is now about $100 billion and the first Indian company to be listed on Wall Street.

UK minister Rishi Sunak surrounded by wife’s Infosys link, know the whole matter

Meanwhile, 71-year-old Sudha Murthy was the first woman engineer at Tata Motors, who famously complained through a postcard about the firm’s condition that “female candidates need not apply.”

Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murthy met at Stanford University, USA, while she was pursuing her MBA. The future Chancellor of the British Treasury was Sunak Fulbright Scholar, who already had a first class degree from Oxford. Their 2009 wedding was relatively modest, but the reception was attended by around 1,000 guests, including politicians, industrialists and cricketers.

Britain’s Indian-origin finance minister surrounded by wife’s link to Russia, said in defense – “Nothing to do”

According to the information given by the company to the stock exchange, 42-year-old Akshata Murthy has shares worth about one billion dollars in Infosys. This makes him richer than Queen Elizabeth II, whose personal wealth is estimated to be around £350 million ($460 million) according to the 2021 Sunday Times Rich List.

The couple own at least four properties, including a £7 million five-bedroom home in upscale Kensington, London, and a flat in Santa Monica, California. Akshata Murthy is also a director of venture capital company Catamaran Ventures, which she co-founded with Sunak in 2013.

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