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Britain’s new King Charles will get these royal facilities which ‘no one else in the world has’

no license no passport

King Charles III can now travel anywhere in the world without a passport. Like members of other royal families, they will not need a passport as the passport is issued in the name of the king. For this reason, King is the only person in Britain who can drive without a licence.

two birthdays

Two birthdays were celebrated for Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II. The first was his own actual birthday, which was celebrated in a private ceremony on April 21, the second was an official public event, which was celebrated on the second Tuesday in June. When the summer weather got better for the parade outside.

Because Charles’ birthday is on November 14 at the beginning of winter. For this reason he will also continue to celebrate his “official birthday” in hot weather.

The tradition of public celebrations is 250 years old and features more than 1400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians in a military parade.

The Royal Air Force ends the parade with a fly-past as it is watched by the Royal Family from their balcony in central London.

no voting

British rulers do not vote and cannot even stand in elections. Being the highest official of the country, he has to be strictly neutral in political matters.

He attends the formal inauguration of the parliamentary session and approves legislation of the Parliament as well as holds weekly meetings with the Prime Minister.

Raj-Swan, Dolphin and Sturgeon

The British rulers do not only rule over the people, but the mute swans of England and Wales from the 12th century are also the property of the king. Every year flamingos are counted in the Thames River and it has now become a source of their conservation.

This royal right also applies to sturgeon fish, dolphins.

official poet

Every 10 years from the 17th century, Britain appointed a poet-literater to write poems for the ruler. Karen Ann Duffy was the first woman to be nominated royal poet in 2009. She wrote poems for Prince William’s wedding in 2011. Poems were written in 2013 on the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s power. Then in 2018, he wrote poems for Prince Harry’s wedding.

royal warrant

It is issued to those who regularly provide goods and services to the ruler. This warrant is a special honor and increases their sales. Burberry, Cadbury, Jaguar Cars, Land Rover, Samsung and Waitrose Supermarkets are among the companies that received the Royal Warrant.

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