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Brain stroke can be completely cured, know from experts what to do and what not to do

Brain Stroke: Stress and anxiety are also a big problem which can be the cause of stroke.

Brain Stroke: Even if he becomes a victim of brain stroke, the patient can be completely cured and there are ways to prevent it. Let us understand these aspects from Dr. Sanjay Pandey, HOD, Department of Neurology, Amrita Hospital, Faridabad, who gave important information related to the treatment and prevention of brain stroke in a special conversation with NDTV.

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How to avoid brain stroke How To Prevent Brain Stroke

Question – There is a myth that you cannot recover after a brain stroke, is there a treatment for brain stroke, what kind of treatment is done?

answer – The treatment of brain stroke is completely available. Can give clot buster to the patient. If there is a problem in the artery of the brain, then we can widen it or if any disorder is already present in the brain, such as if a patient has aneurysm, then we can treat it. Nowadays, modern and advanced treatments have come, neuro interventions, neuro surgeries or medicines have come. There are clot busters, like we do with thrombolysis. So there are many ways to treat stroke. Treatment is necessary after a stroke. After the stroke, bring the patient to the hospital on time. If the patient is brought to the hospital on time, the treatment can be completed. If you delay then there may be a problem.

Question – What measures can be adopted to avoid brain stroke?

answer – The right way to avoid brain stroke is – Modifiable risk factors. Whatever flaws are there, we have to modify them. Like smoking, alcohol, lipid content, sugar content, high salt intake. We can reduce these habits very comfortably or with a little effort, because they are modifiable risk factors. In the last few years, these habits have increased rapidly among people. Apart from these, stress and anxiety are also a big problem which can be the cause of stroke. There is a need to avoid them by modifying them.

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