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Boy receives Coldplay tickets, his reaction goes viral, and the band makes him a VIP guest

The return of Coldplay to Mexico It caused a great fury in mid-October, so getting a ticket for one of the band’s performances in our country became a challenge that very few were able to complete, as tickets were sold out in minutes.

Social networks were filled at that time with memes for those who reached and those who did not reach tickets, as well as the reactions, whether happy, excited or sad. However, the one that has attracted the most attention is that of a little boy who received tickets for one of the concerts in our country.

A user of TikTok call Maria Jose Hernandez uploaded a video to the social network showing the his nephew’s reaction when he saw one of his gifts: tickets to Coldplay! Well apparently the little one, about 11 years old, is a fan of the British band.

“I do not believe it” was the first reaction of the little boy, who while he was opening his gift discovered some impressions with tickets for one of the dates of the group led by Chris Martin. Then he ran to his mother to give him a big hug, who added that “They are tickets to enter Coldplay, and in the best place.”

So far, the video has collected more than 700 thousand views and more than 70 thousand comments, although the one that attracted the most attention comes from nothing more and nothing less than Coldplay official account, written in the name of Phil Harvey, co-manager of the band, who invited the little one and his companions to a VIP space.

“This made me so happy. Come with your family as my VIP guests. Send a direct message to the band and we’ll fix it“Harvey wrote in the video a few hours ago and his comment already has more than 40 thousand likes.

Undoubtedly, this is something that surprised more than one, especially the little one, who in another video of María José Hernández receives the news of being a special guest by the band and his reaction is one of total emotion; he even throws himself on the floor and puts his hands to his face in excitement.


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