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Boris Johnson | BBC: BBC director resigns over alleged loans to ex-PM

G is a 24 hour digital bureau: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Chairman Richard Sharp (Richard Sharp), has resigned. According to CNN, he helped arrange a loan of nearly $1 million for former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He resigned on Friday after it was reported that he concealed his role in the operation.

Since the loan was taken before he was appointed director of the public broadcaster, he has previously denied any involvement in the incident and the possibility of conflict of interest.

In the weeks before then-prime minister Johnson Sharp was appointed to the role of director of the BBC in 2021, he reportedly acted as an intermediary when Johnson tried to secure a loan. The former banker then faced pressure to resign.

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CNN reported that the breach, according to Sharpe, was ‘unscientific and not material’, but he insisted that he was leaving to ‘put the interests of the BBC first’. In early February, Richard Sharp said he ‘didn’t arrange the loan’, saying he acted as ‘a sort of introducing agency’.

The BBC collects an annual license fee of £159 (US$193) from each household with a television or streaming device.

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CNN reported that they gained much attention this year after the sacking of popular football commentator Gary Lineker for opposing the government’s immigration policy.

However, the former England football captain got his job back. He got his job back after being pressured by his fellow presenters not to go on air without him.

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