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Blockade on Autopista del Sol will continue this Tuesday, warn teachers

After 10 and a half hours of blockades on the Autopista del Sol, and other communication routes to Chilpancingo, teachers from Guerrero warned this Monday that they are going to spend the night in the blockade and that this Tuesday they will continue with their mobilizations.

The masters of the dissident current blocked the three access points to Chilpancingocapital of Guerrero, demanding the installation of a dialogue table with Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda.

“Here we are going to sleep,” was the warning from the cetegistas teachers, waiting for the governor to accept the installation of a decisive dialogue table and for her to preside over it.

Elements of the National Guard assure that huge lines of stranded vehicles were formed that measure more than 12 kilometers in both directions, both towards Acapulco and towards Cuernavaca.

As announced over the weekend, this Monday the members of the State Coordinator of Education Workers of Guerrero (CETEG) began their day of struggle with the closure of three of the four accesses that Chilpancingo has.

The contingents began to meet at the different points to start the blockades at 10:00.

At the north entrance of the cityat the height of the bus terminals, the teachers of the central, northern and Tierra Caliente regions were placed.

in the southern part, at the point known as El Parador del Marqués, the Acapulco, Costa Chica and Costa Grande regions were placed. Finally, the east entrancecorresponding to the old bypass, was closed by the teachers who came from the Mountain in its upper and lower parts.

It is worth mentioning that since Sunday night, the head of the Secretary of Education of Guerrero (SEG), Marcial Rodríguez Saldaña, made a call to the dissident teachers so that the roads were not closedand assured that his administration has been on the path of dialogue, trying to find agreements, and emphasized that the meetings have been constant.

Despite this, the leadership of the CETEG considered that what has been advanced so far with the SEG is not enoughin such a way that it is required to speak directly with Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda.

Mario Alberto Uriostegui Alemán, a member of the Political Commission of the CETEG, pointed out that despite the fact that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he would completely destroy the Educational Reform approved during the six-year term of Enrique Peña Nieto, in reality the general provisions remain in forcewhich harms the working base of the education sector.

Meanwhile, and due to the blockades, circulation in the city was complicated. “It is not possible to circulate, everywhere is blockedwhere is the reform to the law that was going to punish those who blocked highways?” questioned merchants and carriers who were affected by the cetegistas.

There were state policemen in riot gear at the three blockade points, just awaiting instructions from their superiors.

“We have come to say that this government is not from the fourth transformation, it is a government with a transformation of fourth, because we have not seen any change in the educational sector”, said the teachers.

Héctor Torres Solano, secretary general of Ceteg, assured that the Government of Guerrero is no longer an open door, as he said a few months ago, “this is a government with deaf ears.” In the same way, he sent a message to society and to the authorities: “I want to make the following clear; I hold the governor, as well as the Secretary General of the Government (Ludwid Marcial Reynoso Núñez), responsible for all the actions that are carried out.”

The teacher’s leader also mentioned that the current government is betting on discharging the mobilization, “contrary to what we expected, the state administration is betting on the wear and tear that they may suffer in the mobilization process. They want the teachers to get tired and retire, but we are going to resist because our demands are fair”.

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