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‘Blasts can’t snatch the fragrance of flowers’, girl is selling flowers in war-torn Ukraine even in the midst of a hail of bombs

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine do not seem to be subsiding.

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After the attack of Russia, the situation in Ukraine has become very frightening. In such a situation, everyone is leaving Ukraine in search of safe havens. It is obvious that the place where only the sound of explosions is being heard, the city has become completely deserted. Where there are dead bodies everywhere, who would like to live there? In such a situation, every person is trying to leave the troubled areas and go to some other place.


Even in such difficult circumstances, a 25-year-old girl named Angela Kalisnick is selling tulips and roses just a short distance from the frontline. We didn’t know war was coming,” said this girl. “Flowers keep blooming in our area and we don’t want to throw them away. Snow falls on the wide streets of the deserted city and only a few people come out in the bitter cold. Outside the city, soldiers are fighting over the Russian army. But still inside Kalisnick’s shop, colorful bouquets hang on the wall.

Kalisnik says he closed his shop a week after Russia invaded his country on February 24, but decided to reopen. She said that “war is war, but people continue to live on such occasions,” as many soldiers flocked to buy flowers for their girlfriends on Tuesday for Women’s Day. For several days, the Russians have bombed Mykolaiv, which is located about 130 kilometers from the Black Sea coast on the road to the strategic port city of Odessa.

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The Ukrainians managed to drive the Russians to their gates. The region’s governor, Vitaly Kim, says “the battle is being won”. At a press conference, the young politician assured attendees that the Russians had been pushed back 15-20 kilometers outside the city. Seeing the deteriorating condition of the city, thousands of civilians have fled Mikolaiv in recent days, which has so far survived the bombing. The mass exodus has left the city empty. As a result most of the shops are closed and supermarkets are still open. Now work is being done with the help of pasta, rice and canned food.

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