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Blasters and Jamshedpur with blows and setbacks; Finally the draw

Madgaon: Kerala Blasters – Jamshedpur FC in the ISL on Sunday. The match is tied. Both teams scored one goal each.

Jamshedpur dominated at the start of the match.

Jamshedpur then took the lead in the 14th minute through a beautiful free kick by Greg Stewart. Kerala goalkeeper Prabhusukhan Gill was caught in the net by the player’s midfielder.

The Blazers woke up as the goal fell. Until then, the team had been playing defensively and attacking together. It paid off in the 27th minute. The Blasters caught up with Sahal. Alvaro Vazquez’s effort led to the goal. Vazquez’s shot by Malayalee player TP Rahanesh was knocked out. But Rahane was unable to completely block Sahal’s shot when he got the ball. The ball hit the player’s body and went into the net.

The poor refereeing in the ISL was nothing short of Sunday’s match. In the 37th minute, Vasquez’s shot hit the Jamshedpur player’s hand in the box. The Blasters players argued for a penalty but the referee allowed a corner.

The Blasters then had to take the lead in the 50th minute through Vazquez. Vazquez Rahane, who got the ball from Peter Hartley’s error, took advantage of a misplaced position and chipped the ball into the post. But unfortunately the ball hit the crossbar and bounced back.

In the 84th minute, Jamshedpur player Ishan Pandita saved a shot and Prabhusukhan Gill kept the Blazers equal.

With a draw, the Blazers retained third place with 13 points from eight games.

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