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Black thick hair will start growing from the roots, just apply the paste of these leaves 2 days a week, your hair will become silky.

White Hair Remedies: Tamarind is beneficial in blackening white hair naturally.

White Hair Home Remedies: Due to changing lifestyle and poor eating habits, graying of hair at an early age has become a common problem. It is having a very bad effect especially on the youth. Many people have to face embarrassment due to graying of hair at young age. Many of us start applying henna on white hair to make it look black, but this method is not permanent. In such a situation, natural methods can prove to be very effective in blackening white hair. They do not have any side effects and help in blackening the hair from the roots. Green tamarind leaves are considered to be the best home remedy for blackening white hair. These can prove to be a panacea for blackening your white hair. If you are also wondering how to blacken your hair naturally, then let us know how to use and the benefits of tamarind leaves.

Effective ways to blacken white hair. Effective Ways To Darken White Hair

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Benefits of tamarind leaves for hair

Natural hair coloring elements are found in tamarind leaves. With regular use for a few days, white hair turns black from the roots. Along with this, the problem of hair breakage and dryness also gets eliminated. It makes hair strong and shiny.

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How to use tamarind leaves on gray hair?

We can easily use green tamarind leaves to blacken white hair till the roots. For this you can also make a hair pack of leaves. Can also make spray.

Make hair pack like this

To make hair pack of tamarind leaves, take the leaves and grind them well with curd. Now when the paste is ready, apply it on the hair and massage it as well. After drying, wash the head with clean water.

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Can also prepare spray

If you want to make spray of tamarind leaves instead of hair pack, then this is also very easy. For this, take five cups of water in a vessel. Add half cup tamarind leaves in it. Now mix both well. After this keep it till it cools down. After this sprinkle it in the hair and leave it for some time. After 20 minutes, wash hair with clean water.

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