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BJP-JJP alliance is a contract of compulsion: Bhupinder Hooda

Harish Bhardwaj/HP

Rohtak, 5 August

Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda has described the BJP-JJP alliance as a snake-mongoose alliance. He said that this is a contract of compulsion, how can Haryana be benefited by this. Hooda was addressing a press conference at his residence on Saturday.

Commenting on the verdict on Rahul Gandhi, Hooda welcomed it. He said that he has also been a criminal lawyer, there was no merit in this decision. It was clear from reading the judgment from the lower court that it would not stand in the Supreme Court. Because it has never happened in the history of the country that in the case of defamation someone has been given a maximum sentence of 2 years. Now the way has been cleared for the reinstatement of Rahul Gandhi’s membership of Parliament.

Hooda said that Haryana was known all over the world for its brotherhood. There were no riots in Mewat even during the partition. But why this situation has come today, BJP leader Rao Inderjit Singh himself is giving the answer. The people of the government themselves are telling about its working style and failure. The right steps were not taken at the right time to stop the violence, despite the local police giving the report to the government several days back. The result of this was seen in the form of riots. He said that the frequent riots in Haryana are the result of the failure of the present government. Because it is the responsibility of the government to provide security to the people of the state, but the present government has always failed to do so. On this occasion, he said that Congress will raise the issue of violence in Mewat in the assembly. A large number of people have been affected due to this violence. Responding to a question on crop compensation, Hooda said that farmers have been waiting for many years. Farmers have not yet received the compensation for the floods that occurred in the past.

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