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Big paper crisis in Pakistan, students will not be able to get new books, know the reason

According to local media, there is a serious paper crisis in the country, the prices are skyrocketing.


The Pakistan Paper Association has warned that books will not be available to students in the new academic year starting August 2022 due to the paper crisis in the country. The cause of the paper crisis is believed to be due to global inflation and wrong policies of governments and monopolies of local paper industries. All Pakistan Paper Merchant Association, Pakistan Association of Printing Graphic Art Industry (PAPGAI) and other organizations associated with the paper industry held a joint press conference with the country’s leading economist Dr. Kaiser Bengali. During the press conference, he warned that due to the paper crunch in the new academic year starting from August, books would not be available to the students.


According to the local media of Pakistan, there is a serious paper crisis in the country, the prices of paper are skyrocketing. Paper has become so expensive and its price is increasing day by day and publishers are not able to fix the price of the books. Due to this, textbook boards of Sindh, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will not be able to print textbooks.

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Meanwhile, a Pakistani columnist has questioned the country’s “incompetent and unsuccessful rulers” and asked them how they would solve economic problems at a time when the country was caught in a cycle of taking loans to pay back its past debts. Is.

Ayaz Amir wrote in his column of Pakistan’s local media outlet Dunya Daily that, “We have seen the rules of Ayub Khan (former President of Pakistan), Yahiya Khan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq. and dictators. They all had one thing in common, take loans to solve problems and then take more loans to pay back the previous debt.” He said that this never ending process is still going on and now Pakistan has reached that point when no country is ready to give loan. “When the population was 11 crore under the rule of Zia ul Haq, then we could not solve the economic problems of our country. How will our incompetent and unsuccessful rulers improve the economy when the population has become 22 crore?”

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