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Biden and Xi met, greeted each other and shook hands in Indonesia amid tensions over economic and security issues!

Dua (Indonesia), November 14 (AP)

Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping began their first in-person meeting on Monday since taking over as US President nearly two years ago. The meeting is taking place amid rising economic and security tensions between the two superpowers. Xi and Biden greeted each other and shook hands during a meeting at a luxury resort hotel in Indonesia. Both the leaders have arrived here to attend the G-20 summit. US officials say Biden aims to “build a foundation” in relations between leaders and nations — identifying areas of potential cooperation and avoiding miscalculations between nuclear powers on areas of disagreement. This much-awaited meeting between the two leaders is taking place at a time when they have shown strength on their domestic fronts. Biden’s Democratic Party retained control of the US Senate in the recently held midterm elections and is expected to consolidate its position in next month’s Georgia election. At the same time, Xi was elected to a third term of five years at the Communist Party’s National Congress held in October, breaking tradition. “There is a very slight misunderstanding between us,” Biden told reporters in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Sunday. Before leaving for Indonesia, Biden was there to attend a conference of Southeast Asian countries. “We have to set our boundaries (red line) and our priorities for the next two years,” he said. The US President said, ‘Things have changed for him… I know I am coming out strong.’ White House aides have repeatedly called for any perception of conflict between the two countries to be minimized. He also emphasized that he believes that the two countries can work together on common challenges such as climate change and health security. However, relations between the US and China have been strained during Biden’s reign. Relations between the two countries further deteriorated after US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August. China has termed this as a provocation and in response has conducted several military exercises around the self-ruled island.

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