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Bhang Hangover: If there is a headache or hangover after the royal cold of cannabis on Holi, then follow these tips to remove the hangover

Home remedies to get rid of cannabis intoxication.

It will not be a surprise even if the smell of cannabis rises in the festivities of the colors of Holi (Hili 2022). Holi is the only festival after Shivratri when people like to drink Thandai. And some people even mix cannabis in this thandai and drink it. It is prepared by grinding the leaves of the cannabis plant (Bhang Thandai Recipe). Generally, there is no harm in drinking a small amount of cannabis. There is a feeling of mild intoxication (Bhang Hangover). But if the amount of cannabis is high, then there may also be a problem of nervousness, dizziness, headache or dehydration (Bhang side effect). It is important to be careful before swallowing a glass of cannabis. Even then, if there is a hangover of cannabis, then start trying to recover from these things kept in the house soon.

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Consume these things on Holi, the intoxication of cannabis will come down quickly. Tips To Tackle Bhang Hangover

1. Drink Lemonade
Hangover can be easily relieved by fruits having citric nature. Lemon is the most effective of those citric fruits. In case of excessive hangover, if you can drink lemon juice directly, then drink it or drink lemon water.

2. Herbal Tea
Antioxidants are high in any type of herbal green tea. Caffeine is also less in herbal tea. Hangover is reduced to a great extent by drinking herbal tea.

3. Foods Rich in Fiber
Eat fruits or vegetables that are rich in fiber. Food rich in fiber reduces hangover.

4. Drink Plenty of Water
Drinking more and more water is beneficial in any case. If you feel a hangover, drink as much water as you can. Water only removes such toxins present in the body. Along with this, the intoxication of cannabis starts decreasing due to the body being hydrated.

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5. Don’t go hungry
Being hungry during a hangover is more dangerous. Do not take too heavy diet but do not let the stomach remain empty either. Keep eating things like rice, bread and roti.

6. Ghee or Butter
If the intoxication of cannabis becomes more, then eat a little ghee. If you do not like to eat ghee, you can also eat butter. Apart from this, eating curd is also helpful in eradicating hangover.

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