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“Better hai Coke”: tweet from Pepsi’s fake account, users worried

Now the fake account of Pepsi has been blocked.

New Delhi :

To tackle the issue of users creating fake accounts of well-known companies, Twitter Inc. has closed its $8 membership program launched earlier this week. However, despite this action, fake accounts still exist and continue to be a problem for well-known brands. Recently, a fake Twitter account in the name of soft drink brand Pepsi made a tweet and wrote in it, ‘Coke is better’.

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This post from Pepsi’s fake account has surprised internet users as this tweet was posted by a verified Twitter account. However, a closer examination of this handle reveals that the legal owner of this account is not Pepsi but PEPICO. This fake account was closed immediately.

However, this is not the first time that Twitter and major brands have faced this difficulty. Ever since Twitter allowed paying users to get the verified blue check mark, the company has been battling such fake accounts.

An account claiming to be Nintendo Inc. posted a picture of Super Mario, while another tweeted spoofing pharma giant Eli Lilly & Co. that insulin is now free, prompting the company to issue an apology. was forced. On the other hand, a fake Tesla Inc account has made fun of the carmaker’s safety record.

Here are some examples of how these fake accounts misused the membership service.

However the problem still exists. Therefore, the company has taken a drastic step of suspending the account to deal with it. @PEPICO Account has been suspended. Also companies, political parties or any other fake handles presenting data will be banned.

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