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Best Summer Skin Care Tips: 7 panacea tips to avoid acne in summer, will give you spotless and glowing skin, tanning will also be a holiday

How to take care of skin in summer season, here are useful tips. How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer

1. First thing in the morning…

In summer, first thing in the morning, wake up and wash your face with cold water. By doing this, the blood circulation of the face improves and the skin is also cleaned well.

2. Less use of chemical products

Use minimum skin care products in summer. The more layers you apply, the more the pores of the skin will be closed. So choose a cream that has all in one benefits.

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3. Use a water base product

Instead of using cream-based products in summer, use water-based products, because it does not make your skin oily and sweating also works.

Summer Skin Care Routine: In summer, first thing in the morning after waking up, wash your face with cold water.

4. Must remove makeup

If you are wearing make-up, remove it with a proper cleanser and sleep well at night after washing your face.

5. Pay attention to your pillow

Sweating is more in summer, in such a situation skin infection can occur due to sweating on the pillow while sleeping, so you should change your pillow cover and bedsheet regularly in summer.

6. Hydration is most important

Skin hydration is most important, for this you need to stay hydrated from inside, not the product. You should drink more and more water in summer, otherwise take things like coconut water, juice etc.

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7. Avoid touching face

Use a tissue paper or wet wipes to wipe off the sweat. Do not try to wipe the sweat by touching your face again and again. Dust, dirt and dust present on the hand can go into your face and this can increase the problem of pimples.

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