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Best Food For Warmth: These 3 Foods told by Pooja Makhija are reliable to keep the body warm in the cold falling temperature

Body Warming Foods: Foods which take more time to digest, they generate more heat.

special things

  • When the temperature cools down, it is better to resort to such food.
  • Ginger is an excellent digestive aid.
  • Red meat has negative effects when consumed in excess.

Best Body Warming Foods: With your favorite book in hand, winters can be cozy and warm under a blanket. Or they can be difficult if you’re freezing in low temperatures. If the weather is so cold that you cannot bear it, there are some hacks you can follow. Do you know that there are some foods that can heat the body? Yes, you heard it right. Certain foods can prompt the body to undergo thermogenesis. It is a process in which living beings generate the necessary heat inside their body. When the temperature cools down, it is better to resort to food that facilitates this process in the body.


According to nutritionist Pooja Makhija, foods that take longer to digest help generate more heat. In a video, he said, “In general, foods that take longer for your body to digest raise your body temperature more and therefore help you feel warm.”

The nutritionist told about three foods that can help in the process of thermogenesis.

1) Ginger

You all know that ginger is a great digestive aid, but did you know that it can also help in increasing your body temperature? Pooja Makhija said, “It is not only a great digestive aid, but it is also known as diaphoretic, which means it makes you feel warm from inside.”

2) Red meat

Red meat has negative effects when consumed in excess, but if you keep the amount of red meat in mind, it can work to your advantage, especially during winters. What is the secret? Beef, pork and mutton are high in iron. This iron element helps in the transport of oxygen throughout the body through our blood vessels. The nutritionist commented on how people with low hemoglobin levels often feel very cold. This is mainly due to the low amount of iron in the body.

3) Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are in season during the colder months, but they aren’t your only option. Pooja Makhija said, “All root vegetables take longer in your digestive system.” It produces more energy in the body and helps to keep you warm.

Here is the video of Pooja Makhija:

The nutritionist captioned the video, “There are many other foods that work from the inside to raise the body temperature.”

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. ..


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