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Benzema will not win the Goya either and it is not the fault of the Superliga

First of all I’m going to establish my minimums on the issue of the Ballon d’Or And now, once that is nuanced, I will give my opinion in this column. Is Messi the best player? Without a doubt and every year Has it been the best of the year? No Have you won more than anyone else? No. Does the 2021 Ballon d’Or deserve for me? No Does the Ballon d’Or have understandable parameters? Never, every year they adapt the criteria to their liking. The end.

That said, I will now analyze one of the controversies that have most surrounded the Ballon d’Or 2021 and which, of course, has a Real Madrid player as the main protagonist. Seen what has been seen, read what has been read and heard what has been heard, apparently there is a current of opinion that believes without hesitation that FIFA, UEFA and possibly Marvel’s Avengers have conspired “again” against Real Madrid so that they do not give the Ballon d’Or to Karim Benzema. Why would they have dared to commit such an affront that is shaking the foundations of society? Because, supposedly, Florentino Pérez is the leader of the rejected Superliga and FIFA and company have been angered by the attempt to create said tournament. I write it and it gives me even “cosica”. Lord, please give me patience. Give me patience.

Maybe, eye, maybe, Benzema has not won the Ballon d’Or 2021 because he has not won a single of the trophies played with Real Madrid. The League did not take because Atlético de Madrid took it. He did not take the Cup because Barcelona won it. He did not take the other Cup that was played this year since it was taken by Real Sociedad. And no, he did not win the Spanish Super Cup, because it was for Athletic. Maybe … maybe … maybe … one might suppose … that Benzema didn’t win the Ballon d’Or for that. Maybe, uh, maybe. Winning the Nations League with France may not have been enough. Also maybe. Oh well, if now the ‘Superexcusa’ of the Super League it will serve to mount conspiracies for everything that does not end with white triumph, well, it will have to be endured. Anyway, there are people who think that birds are drones and that Filomena’s snow was a lie, so …

Another thing is that Benzema, for the quality he has and for all that he has been doing lately astonishing the world of football, deserves to have a Ballon d’Or. That is another thing. It is also a reality, at least for me, that Messi has by no means had his best year in every way to win it. And obviously Lewandowski deserved a trophy that the pandemic unfairly snatched from him in 2019. But it’s not a conspiracy against Benzema! Nobody has taken the award from Karim to attack Real Madrid. Nobody mounted a league conspiracy last year for Atlético to win the league. No one has enslaved or kidnapped Mbappé and that is why he is not in the white team. Nobody! And they have not put Karim fourth to hurt Florentino. It was fourth because Jorginho won the Champions League with Chelsea and the European Championship with Italy. Point. The rest is seeing more ghosts or dead people than even the child of the Sixth Sense. By the way, As conspiranoids go, Night Shyamalan’s next intrigue film ends up being shot at the Bernabéu.

It’s honestly scary to see what all these issues are turning into. Coincidentally, the only Ballon d’Or that has not had a conspiracy involved was the one that Modric won. Where does Modric play? Not at Numancia, that’s for sure. And so with the rest of the things that happen. The roof of Balaídos is damaged … conspiracy! Temporary Filomena and Real Madrid have to play in Pamplona against Osasuna with the field touched … conspiracy! La Liga, Tebas, Rubiales, Luis Enrique, Movistar, Ceferín, Infantino, France Football, FIFA, UEFA, Mediapro, Filomena, the VAR, the referees … All conspiracy! Really, no, that does not strain. Okay.

In short, infinite patience. I leave you, that I am going to go out to give me the air and see the supposed winged drones that fly over the surface of this our flat earth. All the best.


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