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Benzema: “I’m not going to risk it, the season is very long”

All Madrid fans are aware of Karim Benzema’s physical condition. The French striker went through a press conference prior to the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 that this Tuesday faces PSG and Real Madrid.

Karim does not clear the doubts. He has not yet decided if he will play, but he hints that he will not force if there is the slightest risk of injury, since the “season is very long”.

How is your hamstring injury? “There are many hours of work and I feel much better. Now we have a training session with the group to see if I can play, but I have to have more sensations on the pitch”.

If I would play one hundred percent: “Being one hundred percent the most important thing is in the head, we have to recover and see sensations on the pitch and then we will decide for tomorrow’s game”.

If it is a match to force: “It’s been a difficult time when you’re off the pitch. I’ve done work in Valdebebas and at home to get there. In my head I’m ready but now I have to see on the pitch. It’s a great game and if I have to play tomorrow I’ll give it my all “.

How about playing against Mbapp√©: “It’s a very big game and playing against Kylian is special because we play in the national team together. As you know, he could come to Madrid one day but now we’re both here to win the game”.

If you feel loved in France: “It’s special because it’s an important match, but not special because it’s coming to France. The people are fine with me and I’m here to give them things on the pitch.”

Does Madrid depend too much on Benzema? “No, the team has managed to win without me. I’ve done everything to get there. There’s a training session and I hope to be fine but we don’t have to risk it because the season is very long”.

The new duel with Messi: “I’m not going to talk about Messi’s football. People expect more goals but what he does on the pitch… He knows a lot and tomorrow is another game. We have to talk about football.”

The return of Neymar: “He’s a top player, we’ll see if he’s one hundred percent. A game doesn’t depend on one player.”

Are there any favorites in this tie? “I don’t think there is, in football there are no favourites. The one who wants the most can win. If we look at players we are all the same. There are no favorites in football now”.

The result: “Saying you have to win is a word. I feel good and we’ll see.”

It is worth forcing: “I’m always going to force for my team because if I don’t stay in Madrid, but I won’t be injured anymore. I’ll see in training.”

Message to Mbappe: “what I can wish him to have a good game”.

The keys to the game: “Nothing changes, play a good game, win and see what happens. It’s about focusing more on our game. The most important thing is to be in good mental shape.”

Who would you like to play with from PSG: “I don’t know, they’re all good, I don’t have one in my head.”

Criticism of PSG’s game: “Play against teams with low blocks and it’s difficult to score goals. Sometimes it’s difficult with a team all behind and you have to be patient. But they are a great team, and what happens in the Champions League is that the teams improve and we cannot say who has difficulties because when you see him in the Champions League they play at a great level”.

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