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Benito Juárez Scholarship: In which states will they receive the Welfare card from November 6 to 11?

Get ‘trout’! If you are studying any degree in upper secondary education, are a beneficiary of the Benito Juárez Wellbeing scholarship and do not yet have your card to deposit the support, you will be able to collect the plastic this month.

The National Coordination of Benito Juárez Welfare Scholarships (CNBBBJ) announced the list of states in which the welfare cards will be delivered starting this Monday, November 6 and until Saturday, November 11.

With the welfare card, beneficiaries will be able to receive safe, fast and without intermediaries the amount of the Benito Juárez Scholarship, so there will be no need to do rowssince they can go to any branch of the Welfare Bank to collect your support.

In which states will the welfare cards be delivered in November?

The agency detailed that schools in the following states will be able to apply for their Wellness card until November 11:

  • Chiapas
  • Gentleman
  • Jalisco
  • New Lion
  • Sonora
  • Veracruz

Remember that you must review the programmingby clicking here to find out if your educational establishment is in the published service period.

What benefits do I have with the Wellbeing card?

Beneficiaries of the Welfare programs who receive their card will have the following benefits:

  • They will not have to wait in lines to receive the amount of their support or go to a temporary operational headquarters.
  • It is possible to make payments with the card in any establishment that has an agreement with MasterCard.
  • Withdraw cash from Banco del Bienestar ATMs without charging commissions.
  • Make cash withdrawals of up to 2 thousand pesos when making purchases in supermarkets.
  • Consult the balance and the movements by phone or through the app Mobile Welfare Bank.
  • Beneficiaries 18 years of age and older may receive monthly deposits of up to 22 thousand pesos additional to your scholarship amount

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