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Belly fat will be reduced to half in 1 month, just drink this water, the fat accumulated on the body will start reducing rapidly.

Anjeer Water Benefits: Drinking fig water helps a lot in weight loss.

Weight Loss: Many of us are turning to natural remedies to reduce belly fat and lose weight. One such recipe is fig water. This water contains all the essential nutrients which promote weight loss. Nowadays people are most troubled by abdominal obesity and everyone wants to get a fit body. There are many methods for weight loss, but we all should follow only those which give amazing benefits without any side effects. Fig water is considered no less than a panacea for weight loss. Here we are going to tell you how you can make this water at home and how it is helpful in reducing belly fat.

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What is fig water?

Fig water is a mixture made by soaking dried figs in water. This process makes the water absorb the nutrients from the figs, making it a nutritious and delicious drink.

Fig water for weight loss Fig water for weight loss

1. Balances calories

How fig water helps you maintain a calorie deficit, which is a big factor for weight loss. You can consume this water daily.

2. Beneficial in digestion

Fig water can help in reducing swelling and getting rid of the problem of constipation. This water is considered no less than a panacea for keeping the digestive system healthy.

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3. Metabolism Booster

Fig water can prove to be very helpful in increasing metabolism. If metabolism is fast then losing weight automatically becomes easy.

4. Controls appetite

Fig water can help in controlling appetite through hormones. Along with this, fig water can promote satiety.

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