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Become a sustainable traveler and reduce expenses on your next vacation

Travel It is gratifying, however, tourism massive contributes to increasing the carbon footprint. Although there is awareness about this problem, it is urgent to be proactive. With small changes in our travel habits, we will take care of the planet already ours pocket. The sustainable travel They serve to preserve the natural environment and they teach us to adopt ecological practices and save resources.

Santiago García Rey, expert in sustainable tourism and general director of Wander Cabins, company dedicated to offering accommodation in cabins glampingpoints out some suggestions for traveling in a sustainable way:

1. Choose transportation let them leave a minor carbon footprint. If you travel in planeit takes little luggage. In addition to saving on ticket priceyou reduce their load and with it, the carbon emissions.

2. Stay at ecological accommodations that use renewable energy, bioarchitecture or have certification LEED. Choose to camphe glamping or stay with a family. They are economical options and encourage economy of the place.

3. Uses public transport or bicycle. You will help reduce the pollution and the traffic and you will save money.

4. Avoid the single use plasticcarrying a water bottle and/or a coffee thermos that you can restock. With this, you will avoid doing recurring expensesincrease the atmospheric pollution and you will protect the Marine life.

5. The personal hygiene products travel size are highly polluting because they are discarded quickly. Reuse the little bottles or buy reusable ones and refill them. For yours foodcarry containers and portable utensils. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

6. Consciously use the environmental resources. Take a quick shower and turn off the tap soap up either brush your teeth. By practicing it, the natural heritage and biodiversity are preserved and the climate change.

7. consume foods with kilometer zero, which are fresh, good quality and affordable. Local products are good for your personal and local economy.

8. Give back to residents when you buy handmade products or works by art. You will find good prices and you will help preserve the cultural heritage.

9. Chat with the locals and respect their traditions to experience a new culture. Their suggestions may also be useful for you. money give up

10. Consider destinations close to your home. He local tourism helps to leave less impact of the carbon footprint and reduce your bills.

These changes can have a huge impact on the planet and you Bank account. It does not mean that you stop traveling, but it does mean that you do so with greater consciousness.

For the planet

  • To move use collective transport even if you go by car.
  • Seeks markets close to the place where you will stay.
  • Buys handicraftswhich are more representative of the place.

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