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BBVA Scholarship: How to receive a thousand pesos a month if you go to high school?

If your child is about to finish elementary school with a general average greater than 8, then he has a chance to participate for the scholarship offered by Fundación BBVA with a support of one thousand pesos a month for the 2022-2023 school year to begin.

The company offers this scholarship with the intention of strengthening the academic training of students and enhancing their skills through mentoring and extracurricular activities. The foregoing indicates that in addition to financial support, the BBVA Foundation scholarship offers the beneficiaries tools that can be of great help in your academic future.

This scholarship is a long-term benefit, since the BBVA Foundation accompanies its development for 10 years.

The call opened from May 24 and ends on June 28, no opportunity to extend.

In addition to simple registration, support called “Scholarship for kids who inspire” contains filters necessary to approve to be beneficiariesso we suggest you follow the instructions step by step and meet the requirements, otherwise your child will be rejected.

What are the requirements for the BBVA scholarship for high school students?

  • Scholarship applies only to students who will start high school in the 2022-2023 school year. This means that the scholarship is not available to young people who are already in high school or belong to other educational levels.
  • Students must have completed elementary school. with a minimum general average of 8.
  • The beneficiary student You must demonstrate that you need financial support to continue your studiesA socioeconomic study will be done.
  • The scholarship applies only to public school students.

How to apply for the BBVA scholarship for high school students?

  • In this link you will have to create a username and password in the name of the student who wants to apply for the scholarship. This must contain information about his mother, father or guardian and him, as well as an email, telephone and the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).
  • Once the user creation has been confirmed, you will need to complete the scholarship application this link.
  • Once registration is complete, applicants must a series of online talent tests, same that will be evaluated and its result will be fundamental to know if the student is selected or not. In this link they can be done once the previous two steps have been completed.

If you have any doubts, don’t worry, the BBVA Foundation puts at your disposal tutorials for performing registration and testing on your general call page.

What does the BBVA Foundation scholarship offer?

As we told you before, the BBVA Foundation scholarship for secondary school students offers more benefits besides economicsince the intention is to strengthen the academic abilities of the students and even provide extracurricular activities and links to obtain better opportunities in the future.

  • Economic support of one thousand pesos per month during the 10 months of the school year. That is, 10 thousand pesos in total.
  • Mentoring service with bank employees who voluntarily dedicate their time and experience to accompany fellows in their personal and professional development.
  • Academic training through extracurricular coursesvocational guidance, leadership, languages, social projects and financial education.
  • Bonding in which BBVA supports the beneficiaries so that they can enter the best universities in the country and subsequently be linked to work.

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