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Bayern’s honorary president on Barça and Lewandowski: “They owe 1,300 million, they have to be artists”

The honorary president of Bayern Munich, Uli Hoenessattacked Barcelona for its intention to sign Robert Lewandowski and said that in Germany the club would have already had to declare insolvency.

“They are supposed to want to sign Lewandowski. A year ago they had a debt of 1,300 million. They have to be an artistyes In Germany they would have already had to declare insolvency,” Hoeness told NTV and RTL channels.

Hoeness was convinced that Bayern will get Lewandowski to fulfill his contract, which runs until 2023, despite the player’s desire to leave this summer.

“I don’t know anyone at Bayern who is willing to let Robert go before his contract is up.. Everything indicates that a substitute has not been found. That is why the position is clear,” he emphasized.

Bayern’s official position is that they will not let Lewandowski go, despite pressure from his agent Pini Zahavi.

Hoeness argues that keeping Lewandowski at least one more year doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll walk away free in 2023.

“If he stays, plays well and feels good in Germany, it is possible that a day will come when he will say: ‘I really like being here, I will stay two or three more years,'” he said.

“The quite probable decision not to let him go now does not mean that he will not continue playing with us in the 2023/2024 season. He and we will have a year to assess things,” he added.

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