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Battlefield: Russia captured 2 villages in eastern Ukraine

Kyiv, June 23 (AP)

The Russian army, expanding its hold on the territory of eastern Ukraine, captured two villages on Thursday. At the same time, Russia seeks to capture a major highway, cut off logistics and lay siege to some Ukrainian frontline troops. British and Ukrainian military chiefs gave this information.

Britain’s Defense Ministry said Ukrainian troops had been withdrawn from some areas near the city of Lysichansk to avoid the possibility of a siege. Actually, Russia has sent troops there who are shelling the area. It is the latest new battlefield in Russia’s war against Ukraine. The chief of the Yukon army said Russian troops had captured the villages of Loskutievka and Rye-Oleksandryvka and were trying to capture Sarotyn outside Severodontsk.

For weeks, Russian troops have been shelling and airstrikes on Severodontsk, the center of the Luhansk region. Ukrainian soldiers are hiding at the Ajot chemical plant where some 500 civilians are taking shelter. The British Defense Ministry in its intelligence assessment on Thursday noted that Russian troops are likely to move towards Lysichansk. “Some Ukrainian troops have been withdrawn to protect them from siege,” the statement said.

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